If we look at the i5 meaning, it is an Intel processor built on the framework of the multiprocessor architecture. It is a quad processor that uses several architectures, including Ivy Bridge, Clark Dale, Lynnfield, and Haswell. This processor can be installed on multiple devices, including desktop and mobile. Core i5 performs better against demanding and heavier applications and games with rich audio-visual data using Turbo Boost technology. Core i5 comes with two to four, which all support the four different threads. The clock speed of this processor is from 1.50 GHZ to 3.10 GHz, with memory from 3 to 6 MB. And the thermal design power can be from 15 TDP to 84 TDP. Most of the latest generations of the core i5 support the error correction code and intel platform and memory protection, just like core i3.

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