What Is The Difference Between The English Mastiff And Bullmastiff?

English Mastiff vs. Bullmastiff: Find out what are the Key Differences between English Mastiff and Bullmastiff, their Similarities, Pros & Cons
English Mastiff vs. Bullmastiff: What’s The Difference?

Mastiff is a value-added family dog mainly bred for guardian purposes. Bullmastiff vs. English Mastiff is an argument that can lead to concluding all the beneficence of an English Mastiff. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the Bullmastiff is a crossbreed while the English Mastiff is a purebred.

Defining English Mastiff

English Mastiff is the largest breed of dog in terms of mass. Descending from the ancient Pugnaces Britanniae and Alaunt, you can trace back their lineage to the early 19th century. 

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Defining Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff can be defined as a crossbreed dog of a bulldog and an English mastiff. They are bred as a home guard mastiff.

English Mastiff vs. Bullmastiff Comparison Chart 

English Mastiff vs. Bullmastiff: Find out what are the Key Differences between English Mastiff and Bullmastiff, their Similarities, Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of Bull vs. English mastiff 

Pros of English Mastiff

  • They can prove to be a good family dog because of their calm and gentle nature.
  • Being loyal, they can do anything to defend their family.
  • They require less grooming and can be bathed once a month.
  • English Mastiffs do not bark extensively.
  • They are highly powerful mastiffs.
  • They shed less and do not require daily brushing. 

Cons of English Mastiff 

  • English Mastiff is a massive dog who wants to jump on his owner quite often, creating issues for the dog owner.
  • They are prone to many different health issues related to obesity.
  • Due to them being heavyweight and possessing a giant body, they may become lazy.
  • They may face drooling problems.
  • The sounds they make can be disturbing.  
  • The energy level in English Mastiff is excessive and sometimes poses a problem to the owner.
  • Being giant, they can take up a lot of space in your home. 

Pros of Bullmastiff 

  • Bullmastiffs are quiet and calm indoor dogs.
  • They require less exercise.
  • They are quite impressive as watchdogs and home guards.
  • The coat of Bullmastiff can be easily taken care of.
  • They are massive and extremely powerful. 
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Cons of Bullmastiff 

  • They are vulnerable and may face serious health problems due to their excessive weight.
  • Generally, they have a short lifespan.
  • They have potential aggression towards other indoor animals.
  • Bullmastiffs can become destructive when they are bored.  
  • They require a lot of space in the house for a comfortable living.

What are the similarities between bullmastiff vs. English mastiff?

  • Both are Mastiff dogs.
  • English mastiff and bullmastiff mix can play a peculiar role as a watchdog.
  • Both English Mastiff and Bullmastiff are large-sized mastiffs.
  • Both are courageous and friendly at the same time.
  • They both do not bark too much.
  • Both require training sessions and are smart enough to learn quickly.
  • English Mastiffs and bullmastiffs are protective of their families. 

Understanding the differences between Bullmastiff vs. English mastiff 

BasisEnglish MastiffBullmastiff
BreedingEnglish Mastiff is a purebred dog.Bullmastiff is a crossbreed mastiff developed from bulldog and mastiff.
Food Requirements  They require more food regularly than Bullmastiffs.Bullmastiffs require less food than English Mastiffs.
Size and WeightIt sizes 27.5-30 inches in height and 150-250 lbs in weight.The average height of a Bullmastiff lies between 24-27 inches and weight between 100-130 lbs.
Social lifeThese are more social and quickly accept other pets in the house.Bullmastiffs are less social and do not tolerate other household pets.
Coat colorThe colors in which an English Mastiff can be found are silver, apricot, brown, dark brown, and light brown.Bullmastiffs are found in red, fawn, brindle, or brown colors.
LifespanThey live around 6-12 years.They have a lifespan of 8-10 years.
ExerciseFeaturing more weight, they need more exercise.They require less exercise than English Mastiff. 

Are Bullmastiff and English mastiffs the same?  

No, they aren’t the same as an American mastiff vs. English mastiff comparison brings out a lot of differences. The most significant difference being the English Mastiff is a purebred dog while the Bullmastiff is a crossbreed.  

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Are English mastiffs dog aggressive?

English Mastiff dogs aren’t aggressive. On the contrary, they are friendly and sociable. They might become aggressive while protecting their home and family.

What is the largest of the mastiff breeds?

English Mastiff is the largest breed of mastiffs.

How smart is an English mastiff?

English Mastiffs are smart and dependable family dogs. They respond well in their training sessions and are quick in learning. You just need to keep their learning sessions short and fun so that they do not get bored and start disobeying you. Keeping them entertained throughout the learning process will bring out their smartness the most.

What is the life expectancy of an English mastiff?

The average lifespan of an English Mastiff ranges between 6 and 12 years.

Is the English Mastiff a good guard dog?

English Mastiff is more of a watch-dog. Unlike the guard dogs, an English Mastiff has acceptance to strangers. They are usually more gentle towards strangers than aggressive.

Which is the smallest mastiff breed?

Dogue de Bordeaux, aka French Mastiff, is the smallest mastiff breed.

Is a Cane Corso a bull mastiff?

Cane Corso is not a Bull Mastiff. While Bullmastiff is a breed from England, Cane Corso has its origin in Italy. Also, Cane Corsos are more energetic than bullmastiffs. 

Can English mastiff swim?

Genetically, English Mastiffs cannot swim, but professional training can make them expert swimmers. 

How do you calm down a mastiff?

Mastiffs are no different than kids. They need a lot of care and attention. You might have to provide constant pampering to calm down your pet mastiff. For calming them down instantly, give your full attention to them, and praise them. You can also play with them or help them relax on your lap.

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Choosing between English mastiff or bullmastiff 

In the mastiff vs. bullmastiff comparison, you will find a lot of similarities in their personalities. However, the guarding capabilities of these Mastiff breeds will help you make the right decision. If you want a guard dog, choose a Bullmastiff, whereas for having a watchdog, go for an English Mastiff.

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  1. “the Bullmastiff is a crossbreed”
    This is wrong. The Bullmastiff is a *breed* that was created in the 1800s by crossing English Mastiffs (60%) and Bull Dogs (40%) to create a smaller, more aggressive Mastiff. It is a breed because it breeds true: breed two Bullmastiffs and all the puppies will be Bullmastiffs.

    Breed two crossbreeds such as the Labradoodle, and the mixed breeding will show in the variety of puppies: some pups will look like Labs, some will look like Poodles, some will look like Labradoodles, and some will look like “mutts.”

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