Pets & Animals

Pets are often considered to be a part of the family and can offer unconditional love. Pets can also have a therapeutic effect on their human caretaker, especially when they are low in mood or feeling down.

A study in 2010 found that more than half of pet owners had lower levels of stress when they were with their pets. In addition, in the case of children with autism, research has shown that children who have a dog in their household are less likely to show signs of autism or to develop it later on in life.

Animals are different from humans in many ways. For example, they have different needs and living requirements, behaviors, and social structures.
Animals have digestive systems that are unlike ours, they breathe differently and reproduce in different ways. When it comes to intelligence, animals have shown that they can do things just like us, but not necessarily in the same way we do them.

Our articles about animals are juxtaposed to show the reader how different two things can be.

You’ll find a lot of examples inside our comparison articles. They look at the differences between two animals or pets and uses these comparisons to show what makes them different.

Difference 101