If we look at catabolism meaning: it is a process which involves breaking complex molecules into simpler ones. This process is favorable to the human body, as it uses this process to generate energy for anabolism. Moreover, catabolism is exergonic, which means it works through oxidation and hydrolysis and releases heat as a result. There are several hormones which are the result of catabolism-controlling signals. For example, Glucagon, Melatonin, Adrenaline, Cytokines and Hypocretin are all catabolic hormones. Exercises like cardio workouts are catabolic exercises which burn calories by breaking down fats. The cells store various complex molecules and raw materials, which break down into new products during catabolism. For example, in the catabolism of polysaccharides, the protein and nucleic acids form amino acids, nucleotides and monosaccharides.

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