If we look at the janitor’s meaning, it is a word used to describe a person, which is a vital part of any business. Basically, a janitor is responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy facility by performing various tasks. These tasks may include cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, disinfecting the restrooms and surfaces, etc., so one of the major responsibilities of the janitor is to clean the area which is appointed to him. There are many other names for the janitor, like caretaker, gatekeeper, attendant, doorkeeper, and steward. These all are the different terms used for janitors. Most people think that the duty of the janitor is to clean public areas like schools, hospitals, workplaces and airports. But the main responsibilities of a Janitor include vacuuming carpets, cleaning toilets, wiping windows, dusting furniture, removing trash, and mopping floors. In some situations, janitors also take responsibility for protection and maintenance.

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