???? Cuddle vs. Snuggle: What is the Difference Between Cuddle and Snuggle?

Let’s discover the major difference between Cuddle and Snuggle, their Similarities, Pros and Cons, and answer the most popular FAQs you need to know
???? Cuddle vs Snuggle: 7 Key Differences, Similarities, Pros & Cons

Both cuddling and snuggling are ways to show affection to the person you love. The cuddle vs. snuggle difference lies in the physical intimacy involved in the act. Cuddle involves showing affection to anyone you love – family, friends, pets, etc. Snuggle, on the other hand, is more intimate and happens between romantic partners.

Let’s take a closer look at cuddle and snuggle:

Level of intimacyA snuggle is more intimate than a cuddle
Romantic partnersA snuggle involves romantic partners but a cuddle might involve anyone
Body parts involvedA snuggle includes the whole body unlike a cuddle
PositionA cuddle can happen while standing but a snuggle cannot

What is a Cuddle?

A cuddle is an act of embracing someone by wrapping the arms around him and offering a physical closeness. It can be between two members that are or aren’t necessarily involved in a romantic relationship. It might or might not be in a comfortable position.

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What is a Snuggle?

A snuggle is an act of embracing someone by wrapping the whole body around someone and offering physical intimacy. It happens between two members that are involved in a romantic relationship. It is always in a comfortable position.

Snuggle vs. Cuddle Pros and Cons

Cuddle Pros and Cons

Pros of a Cuddle

  • Cuddles keep you warm in cooler temperatures. 
  • Cuddling offers many health benefits like reducing anxiety, improving the quality and amount of sleep, relieving chronic body pain, et al.

Cons of a Cuddle

  • Cuddling can make your muscles freeze by making them stiff at a fixed position for a long time.
  • Cuddling for a longer period can overheat the body and make your AC bills jump.  
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Snuggle Pros and Cons

Pros of a Snuggle 

  • Snuggling can evoke feelings of romantic interest in someone for the other by taking the intimacy to a sexual level.
  • Snuggles help in better concentration, learning, and motor functions with the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. 

Cons of a Snuggle

  • It can arouse feelings of strong attachment to someone that can be difficult to forgo in case destiny doesn’t make you end up together. 
  • Snuggling for longer periods might cause stiffness in muscles and pain due to freezing. 

Similarities Between a Cuddle and a Snuggle Explained

  • Both snuggles and cuddles are ways to show affection to a loved one by holding him or lying close to him.
  • Both cuddle and snuggle lower the stress by producing feel-good hormones.
  • Both cuddle and snuggle can be used by romantic partners to express love and affection. 

Cuddle vs. Snuggle Examples

Examples of a Cuddle

Spooning, half-spoon, and lap-pillow are some examples of cuddling.

Examples of a Snuggle

Sweetheart cradle, the honeymoon, and the pancake are some examples of snuggling.

7 Key Points of Difference Between Cuddling and Snuggling You Need To Know 

There are several key differences to note when comparing a cuddle and a snuggle:

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Basis Cuddle  Snuggle
MeaningCuddle mainly involves embracing someone by wrapping the arms around him and offering a physical closeness too. Snuggle involves wrapping the whole body around someone and offering physical intimacy. 
Intimacy levelIt can be between two members that are or aren’t necessarily involved in a romantic relationship.Snuggle is regarded as an act to satisfy sexual appetite by feeling physical intimacy.
Body parts involved A cuddle may include both arms and legs. A snuggle includes the whole body.
PositionCuddles can be done while lying, sitting, or even standing. Snuggle happens only during a comfortable position like lying or sitting. 
RelationshipCuddles happen between two members affectionate towards each other like master-pet, mother-child, et al.Snuggles happen only between two members that are romantically or sexually involved with each other.
Hormone producedCuddles help the pituitary gland release the love hormone called oxytocin. Snuggles help the brain in releasing dopamine, the excitatory hormone needed for sexual pleasures. 

Comparison Chart

Let’s discover the major difference between Cuddle and Snuggle, their Similarities, Pros and Cons, and answer the most popular FAQs you need to know

Comparison Video

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Cuddle and Snuggle FAQ

What does Cuddling Mean to Guys?

For guys, cuddling is a way to show affection and feel intimacy with their partner. Most guys would never cuddle if they aren’t comfortable with a girl. 

What does Cuddling Mean to a Girl?

Cuddling means a feeling of security around that person. When a girl cuddles a guy, it means that she not only likes him but trusts him too, as she is letting her guard off around him. 

Can you Snuggle With a Friend?

Snuggle involves wrapping your whole body around the other’s body with the highest level of intimacy. Thus, snuggling with a friend is not a possibility. One must have a romantic inclination to snuggle. 

Where do you Touch a Guy when Cuddling?

Cuddling mainly involves two body parts vis-a-vis arms and legs to hold someone. Thus, holding the hand of a guy is the most effective way to show affection and warmth to him. 

Does Cuddling involve Kissing?

Cuddling is an umbrella term that might include kissing, too. But it doesn’t necessarily mean to always share a kiss while cuddling. 

Do Guys Like Hugs?

Many studies have shown that guys like hugs more than girls. (Ref. 1)

Can you Cuddle without Feelings?

Cuddling involves close physical contact and is done only when you feel like showering love and affection on someone. Thus, it is almost impossible to cuddle without feelings. That said, even if someone tries to cuddle without feelings, sooner or later, he’ll find himself catching feelings for that person/pet. This is due to the release of bonding hormone oxytocin each time he’d cuddle. (Ref. 2)

The Final Words

Both a cuddle and a snuggle are ways of showing love and affection to a person. A cuddle is less intimate than a snuggle and might or might not involve romantic partners. A snuggle, on the other hand, is extremely intimate and always involves romantically inclined individuals. Considering hug vs. cuddle vs. snuggle, a hug can be a part of both a cuddle and a snuggle. It is just another way of showing affection to someone.


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