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How Does Fiverr Work For Buyers, And How Can Freelancers Start Earning Even More? [Fiverr Guide & Fiverr Review 2023]

Do you want to become or hire a freelancer? Or do you want to know how to make more money with Fiverr? Read this Fiverr guide & review from someone who has used it since 2011
Fiverr Complete Guide and Review - Do you want to become or hire a freelancer? Or do you want to know how to make more money with Fiverr? Read our Fiverr review from someone who has used it since 2011

About Fiverr

What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace available online for offering and hiring a wide variety of freelance services. It derived its name from the $5 price fixed for all the services at its launch.

Fiverr aims to cut the cost of maintaining HR departments and is a boon for small businesses. However, it keeps a portion of the amount spent and earned by the buyers and sellers of services. 

It benefits both parties since service buyers can complete their one-time or regular jobs through the platform. But on the other hand, it provides a way to earn money for freelancers.

Fiverr.com Home Page
Fiverr.com Home Page
CommissionsCharges commission from Freelancers & Buyers
BeginnersVery beginner-friendly
MembershipFree membership plan
SecurityAdvanced security and fraud systems in place
Fiverr Recap

Table of Contents

How it works

How Does Fiverr Work?

Fiverr works as a middleman between the sellers and buyers of freelance services. Let’s see how it works for both of these parties:

How Does Fiverr Work For Sellers?

  1. If you have been wondering, “How to sell on Fiverr?” you will first have to fill out your Fiverr seller profile. 
  2. Then, you need to create gigs on the platform after completing your Fiverr profile.
  3. You can set a custom price for your offering and add the duration in which you will deliver the service you are offering. 
  4. Accordingly, you have a deadline to finish the task when someone buys your gig. 
  5. Fiverr keeps a 20% commission on your earnings for every gig you deliver.

How Does Fiverr Work For Buyers?

  1. When using Fiverr to hire a freelancer, you need to use the platform’s search tool to find a gig that offers the services you need.
  2. Then, carefully read the gig description to know the services’ scope. 
  3. Alternatively, you can browse through various categories to find an appropriate service offering.
  4. Of course, you can always contact the seller via messaging in case of any confusion.
  5. Apart from finding the most suitable gig, you must make arrangements to pay the seller. 
  6. Fiverr acts as a middleman here as well to protect your hard-earned money. 
  7. You need to pay for your order while purchasing a gig, but your money is released to the seller only when you receive the services. 
  8. Fiverr charges a fixed service fee of $2 on orders up to $40. For purchases higher than $40, a flat 5% fee is charged.

What is Gig, And How Does It Work On Fiverr?

Any service offered on Fiverr is termed a gig. So, to sell your services on Fiverr, you need to create gigs for each of the services you want to offer. A gig contains all the details of the service provided by a seller, along with the price, images, description, and delivery duration. All the sellers offer their services by creating a gig on the platform. Likewise, all the buyers purchase the desired services by ordering a suitable gig.

How to make money

How To Make Money On Fiverr?

To make money on Fiverr, you need to offer your services on the online marketplace. You are required to follow these steps to start earning money on the platform:

Step 1

Register For A New Account

Fiverr Account Registration Popup
Join Fiverr – Fiverr Account Registration

To become a freelancer on Fiverr, you first need to register yourself with the platform. After that, you just need an email to create an account on Fiverr. Alternatively, you can also join the online marketplace via Facebook, Google, or even Apple. You will be asked to create a password as well when signing up with an email.

Step 2

Create A Seller Profile

Fiverr Become A Seller Button
Fiverr Become A Seller Button

Once you create an account for yourself, you need to make a seller profile before you begin working on Fiverr. You will find an option to ‘Become a Seller’ on the platform. Carefully read the on-page instructions and start creating your seller profile. Input your personal and professional details along with your language and proficiency skills.

You can also link your phone number and social profiles to your Fiverr seller profile. Additionally, uploading your professional-looking picture to the profile will help people know whom they will be working with. Creating an impressive seller profile that includes all your achievements is extremely important for getting work on Fiverr.

Step 3

Create A Gig

Fiverr Create A Gig
Fiverr Create A Gig

As discussed earlier, a gig is an offering of your service describing the scope, price, and duration within which you will finish the job. Creating a gig involves the following significant steps apart from selecting a title and category for your service offering:

Creating a Gig Image

Logo Image Design Gigs on Fiverr
Logo Image Design Gigs on Fiverr

Your Gig image is the most crucial aspect of creating a Gig since it is the first thing that Gig buyers see. Create an impressive Gig image to make an excellent first impression. An image that represents the service you offer will help drive more buyers to your service offering. In addition, an impressive image makes selling on Fiverr extremely easy.

Pro Tip
9 Things to Avoid when creating a Gig image
  1. Use only quality images – doing this may affect your gig rankings in the search results and may give a wrong impression about the quality of your gig. Take it as a rule – use only high-quality and high-resolution images.
  2. Do not use copyrighted images – use only your own images because it is unethical and against the Fiverr TOS to use the pictures you don’t have the right to use.
  3. Do not use click-forcing images – you should avoid trying to persuade the buyers to click on your Gig in any case. In some cases, it may even result in the Gig demotion.
  4. Do not use badges – even if you’ve won some badges from Fiverr on providing a quality job, you’re still not allowed to use the watermarks of those badges in the Gig photos.
  5. Do not use over-text – try to keep things simple and avoid using comprehensive over-text to show in your Fiverr Gig photos since it may devalue your Gig integrity.
  6. Do not use too many images in the Gig photo – we recommend you to use a maximum of one or two images, for example, to showcase your logo.
  7. Do not use stretched images – the right proportion of images is essential in this case. Try not to use too large or too small images. The recommended Gig image size is 690×426 px.
  8. Do not re-use images – even if you’ve multiple Gigs, you must not use the same images in more than one Gig. Instead, use unique images in each Gig as it will be easier for the buyers to find the right Gig.
  9. Do not use irrelevant images – every Gig image should make sense with the service you provide. Irrelevant images may affe

Writing Gig Description

Fiverr Gig Description
Fiverr Gig Description

Your prospective Gig buyers read the gig description to know the scope of services you offer. You must explain your offering in complete detail here to avoid any confusion later.

Pro Tip

Make your gig description as more detailed as possible, describe and explain everything that may be important to a buyer and that you will deliver.

However, do not promise or advertise anything that is not included or related to the Gig itself. In case of any conflict, the buyer may easily win any dispute if the delivery differs from the gig description.

Add Tags And Keywords

Adding tags and keywords is an essential step for appearing in the searches made by Gig buyers. The visibility of your Gig increases by adding relevant tags, and, therefore, you are more likely to get projects on Fiverr.

Step 4

Send Your Offers To Buyers

Fiverr Post A Request
Fiverr Post A Request
Pro Tip

I have a lot of experience selling on Fiverr, but I started as a Buyer. So, I’ve been using the platform as a buyer since 2009.

And believe me or not, but just after you submit a request, you’ll start getting a considerable amount of different offers from freelancers.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are a kind of default templates with random messages. Moreover, most freelancers do not even read your request and requirements and apply directly with default messages.

As a result – I’m removing such offers right away because I don’t have time to spend on poor quality offers. Also, this is the best way to filter freelancers. For example, suppose they don’t have enough time to read your requirement and put enough effort into writing a custom offer based on your description. In that case, it’s doubtful that they will put enough effort to deliver quality work.

As a Freelancer, you should pay a lot of attention to the requirements provided by the buyer. Then create a custom offer that will highlight your experience and your custom approach to the work to be done. I know that it takes time, but it will pay you twice.

Fiverr has a pretty helpful feature where buyers place their requests for sellers to see. You can go through all these buyer requests from within your account. The platform will show you only the requests that are relevant to your niche.

Therefore, you can send your offers in response to these requests placed by buyers. You must also consider attaching your work samples for making the buyer abreast of your skills. Sending such offers to buyers considerably helps a new Fiverr member to successfully sell your services on Fiverr.

Pro Tip

I have a lot of experience selling on Fiverr, but I started as a Buyer. So, I’ve been using the platform as a buyer since 2009.

And believe me or not, but just after you submit a request, you’ll start getting a considerable amount of different offers from freelancers.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are a kind of default templates with random messages. Moreover, most freelancers do not even read your request and requirements and apply directly with default messages.

As a result – I’m removing such offers right away because I don’t have time to spend on poor quality offers. Also, this is the best way to filter freelancers. For example, suppose they don’t have enough time to read your requirement and put enough effort into writing a custom offer based on your description. In that case, it’s doubtful that they will put enough effort to deliver quality work.

As a Freelancer, you should pay a lot of attention to the requirements provided by the buyer. Then create a custom offer that will highlight your experience and your custom approach to the work to be done. I know that it takes time, but it will pay you twice.

Search Algorithm

Fiverr Gig Search Algorithm

Fiverr Search Box
Fiverr Search Box

Understanding the Gig Search Algorithm of the platform will help you get more projects as a freelancer on the online marketplace. Therefore, finding out the aspects that impact your Gig ranking is crucial for successfully getting more orders on the platform. Let us discuss some of these aspects in detail here:

Star Rating

Fiverr Left 5-Star Review
Fiverr Left 5-Star Review

Fiverr uses a rating system to help the sellers achieve higher rankings. Such a star rating also helps your prospective customers know your skill level and professionalism in your dealings. Whenever you finish an order, Fiverr gives an option to your buyer to rate your work. 

Your buyers can give you star ratings based on your performance, timely delivery, regular communication, and other factors. It is recommended to completely satisfy your gig buyer for receiving good ratings since these ratings directly impact the Gig Search Algorithm of Fiverr. As you start collecting more and more good ratings from your buyers, your gig will start showing up more in the gig searches. 

Total Orders Completed

The number of orders you complete and deliver also has a considerable impact on your Gig ranking. The more orders you finish, the more exposure your profile receives. Therefore, your order completion rate should be higher than 90% at all times for climbing up the performance ladder.

Seller Level

Fiverr Seller Level 2 Gig
Fiverr Seller Level 2 Gig

Fiverr provides you a “Seller Level” based on your earnings, experience, and performance. On joining the platform, you are automatically labeled as a ‘New Seller’. You will have to work hard to gain a higher Seller Level. 

Level One can be achieved by a seller in 60 days, depending on the performance and earnings made. Level Two can be achieved in further 60 days and is considered a good ranking for receiving regular gig orders. 

The third and final Seller Level is termed the Top-Rated Seller and is pretty challenging to achieve. You must be active on the platform for the past 180 days to be eligible for this exclusive label. Your performance in the last 60 days will be given due importance while rating you as a Fiverr Top Seller.

Also, your earnings and the number of completed orders are considered during this process. The Gigs posted by a Top Rated Seller are more visible to the Gig buyers as per the Gig Search Algorithm since such sellers have proved their excellence to the platform.

Good / Bad Metrics

Your performance metrics play a significant role in ranking your Gigs higher. You must try to maintain a reasonable response rate at all times. Delivering your work on time is equally important. You must also use Fiverr strictly following the online marketplace rules to avoid receiving any warnings since such warnings negatively impact your rankings.

Keywords In Gig Title And Description

Fiverr Keywords In Gig Title
Fiverr Keywords In Gig Title

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) doesn’t only work on websites and blogs for a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. It is also an essential factor to consider while creating your service gig for better rankings. You must add the main keyword to your Gig’s title and other relevant keywords to its description.

Additionally, you can also use keywords in the tags associated with your service gig. The platform allows you to add up to 5 tags relevant to your offering. You must utilize them all for ranking higher. Fiverr also suggests you some popular search terms while adding these tags. It is recommended to select the most relevant tags out of these terms only instead of adding an entirely new tag. Using popular search terms as tags will further improve your Gig rankings.

Freelancer Grades

Fiverr Freelancer Grades

Fiverr Seller Levels Banner
Fiverr Seller Levels Banner

As discussed above, Fiverr uses a Seller Level system to help freelancers progress in their Fiverr journeys. Different levels come with various benefits and are directly related to your gigs’ exposure and the money you make on Fiverr. So let us understand this Fiverr grading system briefly here:

New Seller

Fiverr New Seller Level Badge
Fiverr New Seller Level Badge

This is a starting point, so every newly registered freelancer automatically has it.

Level 1

Fiverr Level 1 Badge
Fiverr Level 1 Badge

Requirements: You need to be an active Fiverr seller for 60 days to qualify for Seller Level 1. Additionally, your total earnings must be at least $400, and you must have completed 10 individual orders. 

Benefits: You tend to receive a few advantages when you achieve Level 1. This level allows you to create more Gigs, Gig Extras, and Gig Multiples.

Level 2

Fiverr Level 2 Badge
Fiverr Level 2 Badge

Requirements: Fiverr Level 2 can be achieved only when you are active on the platform for at least 120 days. This Seller Level also requires lifetime earnings of $2000 or more and completing a minimum of 50 individual orders. 

Benefits: Fiverr provides priority customer support to sellers at Level 2. You can also send more value of Custom Offers to prospective buyers.

Top Rated Seller

Fiverr Top Rated Seller Level Badge
Fiverr Top Rated Seller Level Badge

Requirements: Being active for at least 180 days at the platform is important for becoming a Top-Rated Fiverr Seller. Your order count and all-time earnings must have touched the mark of 100 and $20,000, respectively.

Benefits: The essential benefit of reaching this milestone is quicker earning clearance. You will receive clearance within 7 days instead of 14 days once you get this Seller Level. Additionally, Fiverr provides VIP customer support to Top Rated sellers.

All Fiverr Seller Levels with their requirements and benefits

New SellerJust join the online marketplace as a seller to get this Seller Level.7 active Gigs
5 Gig Multiples
2 Gig extras with amounts $5, $10, or $20
Can send Custom offers up to $5,000
Earning clearance in 14 days
Level 1Complete a minimum of 60 days as an active Fiverr Seller
Complete a minimum of 10 individual orders
Earn a minimum amount of $400
Maintain a 4.7-star rating for over 60 days
Maintain 90% Response Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% Order Completion Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% On-time Delivery Rate for 60 days
Avoid receiving any warning from Fiverr for 30 days
10 active Gigs
10 Gig Multiples
4 Gig extras with amounts $5, $10, $20, or $40
Can send Custom offers up to $5,000
Earning clearance in 14 days
Is eligible to feature at promotional listings
Level 2Complete a minimum of 120 days as an active Fiverr Seller
Complete a minimum of 50 individual orders
Earn a minimum amount of $2,000
Maintain a 4.7-star rating for over 60 days
Maintain 90% Response Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% Order Completion Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% On-time Delivery Rate for 60 days
Avoid receiving any warning from Fiverr for 30 days
20 active Gigs
15 Gig Multiples
5 Gig extras with amounts $5, $10, $20, $40, or $50
Can send Custom offers up to $10,000
Earning clearance in 14 days
Is eligible to feature at promotional listings
Receives priority customer support
Is eligible for the Customer Success Program
Top RatedComplete a minimum of 180 days as an active Fiverr Seller
Complete a minimum of 100 individual orders
Earn a minimum amount of $20,000
Maintain a 4.7-star rating for over 60 days
Maintain 90% Response Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% Order Completion Rate for 60 days
Maintain 90% On-time Delivery Rate for 60 days
Avoid receiving any warning from Fiverr for 30 days
30 active Gigs
20 Gig Multiples
6 Gig extras with amounts $5, $10, $20, $40, $50, or $100
Can send Custom offers up to $10,000
Earning clearance in 7 days
Is eligible to feature at promotional listings
Receives VIP customer support
Is eligible for the Customer Success Program

What to sell

What To Sell On Fiverr?

When it comes to deciding what service you should offer on the freelance platform, you might be overwhelmed with the options you will have. So it is because you can sell almost any kind of service on Fiverr, from a simple data entry service to a complex website development gig.

However, choosing your niche according to your knowledge and skillset is recommended to deliver high-quality work. It will help you get good reviews and ensure regular projects from the existing Fiverr clients. If you are still confused about what can be sold on Fiverr, have a look at some of the popular service categories:


A business’s product is undoubtedly the king, but what if the prospective buyers never hear about that product? That is where copywriting comes in to help spread the word.

If you have excellent writing skills, creativity, and marketing knowledge, you can write a perfect copy, i.e. a writing piece for promoting a product. Both small and large businesses want to increase their sales and conversions through effective marketing.

Best Copywriting Gigs:

Freelance copywriters are mainly demanded by entrepreneurs and small businesses that cannot afford an in-house team. As a Fiverr copywriter, you can expect to work on:

  • Social media copy
  • Ad copy
  • Sales copy
  • Email copy
  • Blog Articles

Graphic Design

If you enjoy creating visual communications, you can use your skill to convey messages through it. Businesses require graphic designs in several forms, including but not limited to logos, product advertisements, web pages, magazine covers, brochures, and annual reports. 

Suppose you are good at creating an aesthetically pleasing graphic design via Photoshop, Illustrator, or other such tools. In that case, you can work as a graphic designer to create designs that fit the buyer’s requirements. It is recommended to offer revisions with a graphic design gig and alter the design based on the feedback received from your gig buyer.

Best Graphic Design Gigs:

Graphic designers are in huge demand since visual content is quite popular these days. Businesses tend to incorporate helpful information into some exciting visuals to grab the attention of their prospective customers. As a graphic designer on Fiverr, you will have to opportunity to work on: 

  • Logo design
  • Graphics for streamers
  • Pattern design
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Brochure design
  • Packaging design
  • Book design
  • Flyer design
  • Podcast cover design
  • Signage design
  • Album cover design
  • Social media design
  • Web and mobile design
  • Icon design
  • Email design
  • Catalog design
  • Invitation design
  • Cartoons and comics
  • Tattoo design
  • Web banners
  • Landscape design
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Trade booth design
  • Industrial and product design
  • Fashion design
  • Jewelry design
  • Resume design
  • Infographic design
  • Presentation design
  • Menu design
  • Postcard design

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a significant branch of digital marketing. People love to watch video content as it is fun and easy to understand. Businesses use video marketing to promote their products or services, reach their audience via a new medium, increase engagement at their social channels, drive sales, et al.

If you are a digital marketer, the video marketing category on Fiverr can provide you with highly rewarding projects. The demand for video marketing services is growing tremendously as all businesses want to quickly establish themselves in the digital world.

Best Video Marketing Gigs:

You can take advantage of this opportunity if you possess video marketing skills or have experience working in a similar digital marketing arm. You can expect to work on the following aspects of video marketing on Fiverr:

  • Video promotion and distribution
  • Video SEO
  • Video Ad campaigns
  • Consultation and audience research


Illustrations are two-dimensional images used by various organizations for different purposes. These are drawings that represent a particular thing. For instance, a medical firm might require drawings of human organs, while a fashion house needs clothing sketches. Different industries, therefore, have different illustration requirements depending on the nature of their business.

If you are good at creating sketches, you can work as an illustrator on Fiverr. You can use various techniques to create beautiful effects in your illustrations, like using shadows, playing with the richness of colors, etc. In addition, you can choose to specialize in a specific industry, even as a freelance illustrator.

For example, Fiverr buyers might require your services for new illustrations to be placed on magazine covers, books, wrapping papers, greeting cards, online advertisements, brochures, products, scientific journals, storyboards, and much more. In addition, freelance illustrators have many opportunities due to constant advancement in computer graphics and imaging techniques.

Best Illustration Gigs:

Fiverr can be used for offering the following types of illustrations:

  • Realistic
  • Illustrations for children
  • Comic and cartoon
  • Anime and manga
  • Flat
  • Line art
  • Sketch
  • Technical
  • Retro / vintage
  • Pop art
  • Graffiti
  • Isometric
  • Low-poly
  • Abstract
  • Pixel art
  • Chibi
  • Doodle
  • Caricature
  • Linocut
  • Calligraphy

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who are considered experts within their niche by their dedicated social audience. Their social media followers place high levels of trust in them because of the efforts they have put into their work previously. Influencer marketing is a part of digital marketing that focuses on tapping the social media audience of specific influencers. Product mentions and endorsements are an integral part of this type of social media marketing, as product recommendations from influencers are accepted with open arms by their followers.

Businesses create brand awareness, drive sales, and increase their audience through influencer marketing. Social media influencers provide them an opportunity to reach their ideal audience across different platforms. If you have a dedicated audience on any social platform that trusts you with your recommendations, you can work as an influencer marketer on Fiverr. Having a following on multiple social media platforms will help you demand more money from your gig buyers.

Best Influencer Marketing Gigs:

With an increase in the number of social media users, more and more businesses are turning to influencers for promoting their products and services. Many Instagram influencers have turned this freelancing opportunity into their full-time career and earn quite a decent amount of money from it.

TikTok and YouTube are equally important for many businesses. You can offer your influencer marketing services on Fiverr by creating a separate gig for each social platform you are popular at. Alternatively, you can offer influencer marketing services on Fiverr for multiple social media under one single gig. 

You can categorize your influencer marketing gig on Fiverr into:

  • Shoutouts and promotion
  • Strategy and research


Programming involves the creation of websites, desktop applications, mobile applications, and online games. Every business has a different requirement according to its niche, and, therefore, a freelance developer needs to work accordingly. Fiverr allows you to offer your mobile or web development skills to gig buyers. 

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The demand for web and mobile developers is constantly rising with the increase in the number of people turning online. If you are good at making websites and apps, you can work as a freelance mobile or web developer on Fiverr. 

First, however, you need to bring the vision of your Fiverr clients into reality by choosing the best applications, graphics, and other features for their web development projects.

Best Programming Gigs:

As a web developer, you can either specialize in a particular aspect of this job or handle all that it encompasses. You can take advantage of the high demand and turn your skill into your profession through Fiverr. Whether you love working as a back-end web developer, front-end web developer, or Webmaster, Fiverr is the right choice for you. The freelance platform allows you to work in the following fields as a developer:

  • E-Commerce development
  • Website builders and CMS
  • WordPress
  • Development for streamers
  • Mobile Apps
  • Game development
  • Desktop applications
  • Web programming
  • Chatbots
  • Cybersecurity and data protection
  • Convert files
  • User testing


Since many businesses are going digital, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab people’s attention. Therefore, better visibility is an essential consideration while resorting to an online route. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps businesses to achieve that goal. It improves the visibility of a website for search terms relevant to the site’s niche. Better visibility leads to more attention, thereby driving more visitors to a website. An essential part of digital marketing, SEO – is an organic way of reaching the target audience.

SEO services are in high demand on Fiverr as every business wants to rank its website higher in organic searches. 

If you have experience in providing SEO services, consider offering an SEO gig at Fiverr. You can choose to create high-quality content, build backlinks, provide SEO consulting, or optimize content around specific keywords provided by your Fiverr client.

Best SEO Gigs:

You can work on the following SEO aspects for your Fiverr clients:

  • Off-page SEO (backlinks, outreach, etc.)
  • On-page SEO (Keyword research, Meta tags, and content optimization)
  • Technical SEO
  • Voice search SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Or offer a complete SEO package

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant handles almost any business task assigned by the client. For example, the duties of a VA might include administrative, marketing, fixing appointments, managing social media channels, business development, and other similar tasks. 

In addition, since virtual assistants are available on-demand and work from their homes, businesses tend to save office expenditure by hiring their services.

Best Virtual Assistant Gigs:

Virtual assistants are demanded majorly by online businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs for a helping hand. You can work as a virtual assistant on Fiverr if you have been a business assistant locally or are confident with your skills as a newcomer.

Paying attention to details and following the instructions given by your gig buyer is the key to becoming a successful virtual assistant on Fiverr.

The platform allows you to offer the following aspects of this business service:

  • Administration
  • Call center and calling
  • File conversion
  • Skip tracing

Ebooks Author

Books have been our best friends before the digital era and found their way to our lives in the form of ebooks later. With a platform like Amazon Kindle, everyone is publishing ebooks for one reason or another.

The popularity of ebooks can be judged from the availability of digital versions of print books published by famous authors these days. An ebook provides them with an additional way to connect with their audience.

Working as an ebook author on Fiverr will be the best fit for you if you are good at writing. However, if you have never written an ebook before, it is worthwhile to mention that the writing process is quite similar to that of a print book.

You just need to create a manuscript the way you would do for a print book and turn it into a PDF at the end. After that, you can make other necessary changes as per your gig buyer’s requirements.

Best Ebooks Author Gigs:

Ebook authors are mainly demanded by business houses, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and niche website owners. On Fiverr, you can expect to work on the following different aspects of ebooks:

  • Ghostwriting
  • Book blurbs
  • Short stories
  • Book proposals
  • Kindle niche research

Project Management

Project management involves the use of managerial skills to handle all the activities related to a specific project. A project manager leads the team to achieve the goals of a project in the specified time. 

A project manager must ensure that all the team members work within the given project constraints and apply the right tools, skills, knowledge, and techniques to achieve the desired result. In addition, consulting the team members from time to time and addressing their issues helps a project manager to finish a project within the stipulated time successfully.

Best Project Management Gigs:

Fiverr allows you to offer your project management skills to businesses from around the world. It is beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs to outsource such services to save on fixed costs. 

You can, therefore, take advantage of this and prepare your gig, keeping in mind the general requirements of such buyers. Your organizational skills, ability to solve problems quickly, and communication skills must be excellent to offer project management services on Fiverr. 

As you gain experience and positive reviews on the freelance platform, project management can become a lucrative career option for you.

You can categorize these business services in the following sub-categories available on Fiverr:

  • General project services
  • Programming and tech projects
  • Writing and translation projects
  • Digital marketing projects
  • Graphics and design projects
  • Music and audio projects
  • Video and animation projects


Animation involves the use of drawings and figures to exhibit a film. Successive images are simulated to create an illusion of image movement. Earlier, such images were drawn manually, but Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) speeds the task and makes it much more manageable.

Best Animation Gigs:

Businesses use animation to tell stories about their products or services. It is an effective way to grab the attention of their prospective customers. Websites and filmmakers might also demand animation services for their unique needs. You can offer animation services on Fiverr if you work well in any of the following fields:

  • Whiteboard and animated explainers
  • Animated GIFs
  • Logo animation
  • Character animation
  • 3D product animation
  • Lottie and website animation
  • Animation for kids
  • Animation for streamers


Apart from the above services, you can offer many more services on Fiverr ranging from providing dance lessons to performing data entry, from creating LinkedIn profiles to developing business relations on your client’s behalf. Whatever your skill is, you will find a suitable category to offer it via this online freelance marketplace. Simply start searching by using the search field.


Fiverr Tests

Fiverr Tests
Fiverr Tests

In an attempt to make Fiverr a benchmark for high-quality freelancing services, the platform has introduced skill tests for various niches. Proving its mettle by undertaking a specified skill test, the sellers can quickly gain the trust of buyers of the service. This is because the scores are displayed on the main profile. 

In an attempt to make Fiverr a benchmark for high-quality freelancing services, the platform has introduced skill tests for various niches. Proving its mettle by undertaking a specified skill test, the sellers can quickly gain the trust of buyers of the service. This is because the scores are displayed on the main profile.

That said, where there are thousands of freelancing services on Fiverr, the test for the skills are limited to only a few unique yet essential niches.

Language Tests

Fiverr Tests Language
Fiverr Tests Language

The language test category is meant to test the basic language skills of the seller who joins the platform. This test category is further divided into quite a few tests that ensure overall general smooth communication and best services in popular language services. There are 40 questions each in all the test categories asked in multiple-choice form. 

English Language (Words and Phrases)

The test focuses on knowing the basic understanding of the English language to the seller by including topics like punctuations, tenses, conjunctions, words and phrases, et al. Where it was an option to take the English language test until some time ago, these days, almost all the sellers have to clear this test. This seems even more logical as Fiverr is a global marketplace, and English is a universal language for international communication. 

German Grammar

This language test is for those specifically listed under the German to English or English to German translation gigs. The grammar section is German-based only, and the scores let the prospective buyers know the sellers’ German language skills. 

Spanish Grammar

The second most common language in the world, there are 450-million plus native speakers of Spanish across the globe. This is the reason there is always a demand for Spanish to English and vice-versa translation work offers. Not to forget the original Spanish content for blogs and websites written for Spanish speakers. The test again tests the grammatical excellence of the sellers in the language. 

Italian Grammar

With more than 60 million native Italian speakers, the language surely deserved a separate skill test of its own. With grammatical topics and words and phrases in the form of multiple-choice questions, the seller would need 60% to clear the test and let the buyer know that he knows Italian well.

Professional Skill Tests

Fiverr Tests - Professional Skills
Fiverr Tests – Professional Skills

These tests are meant to judge the sellers’ skills in case of some technical services. Unlike the more generalized professions like modeling, lead generation, email marketing, et al., such tests are undertaken for all the disciplines that need to prove your expertise. The difficulty level of these tests is high to select the best talent. The scores might help the buyer a little before considering the freelancer.


We all know what photoshopping is. But only a few know that it is done by a professional that knows every minute detail of how to transform a picture or a video into the desired content. The test, hence, would ask the sellers anything related to the photoshopping tools to specific commands in the form of a multiple-choice manner. 

Adobe Illustrator

The Adobe Illustrator is a popular niche just like photoshopping and demands all technicalities to be known. To ensure the best service for all the buyers in this niche, the platform conducts a test that covers various Adobe Illustrator topics like tools used for various functions, the kinds of layers or color options, and more. Again, the test is in the form of 40 multiple-choice questions.

WordPress 5.1+

WordPress has made blogging and content creation easier by making website creation easier with drag and drop features. Simply add desired plugins to it, and your virtual workplace is ready to be up and running. But those who are alien to the programming world look for a good seller with complete knowledge of WordPress. With a robust design and better speeds, WordPress 5.1 has been in demand for website creation. Tests include the commands and other situational drag and drop features. Passing this test ensures that you are a WordPress expert and enhances your chances of securing an order on Fiverr.

Social Media Marketing Test

The world is not real anymore – it’s all virtual. Almost everyone has turned online, either for entertainment or business. And both need to market themselves. This is where social media marketing enters and the need for a seller who extends services. An excellent score test of the same ensures the best knowledge of the digital marketing world. Various questions that can be asked are what video types can be posted on YouTube, traditional marketing vs. social media marketing, the importance of blogging, the meaning of guerilla marketing, the importance of brand management, et al. 

Microsoft Excel

An excellent tool for data entry and data storage, Microsoft Excel worksheets are a big hit on Fiverr. It makes it logical for the platform to conduct a test to assess the skill level of the sellers offering their services in the niche. With multiple-choice options, the test has questions to be attempted in a short span remaining on the same browser window. The questions cover various topics like different cell implications in terms of colors, lengths, or breadths; various commands used; shortcuts that come in handy.


Apart from all the above major test categories, there are a few other tests in the niches whose popularity on the platform can’t be denied. Following are those tests: 

  • U.S. English Basic Test
  • Content Writing
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Virtual Assistant
  • CSS 3
  • HTML 5
  • Analytical Skills
  • Customer Service 

Though good scores don’t put you on top of Fiverr’s search algorithm, it surely helps the buyer place initial trust in you.

Fiverr Learn

What Is Fiverr Learn?

Fiverr Learn Home
Fiverr Learn Home

Fiverr Learn could serve as a great learning experience, especially for those looking to hone their skills to the highest level or for those wanting to learn a new skill altogether. What makes them worth the time is that only the crème de la crème of Fiverr professionals are allowed to offer them. 

To name a few:

  • Ian Cleary, the founder of an award-winning blog called RazorSocial;
  • Jon Youshaei, world’s top marketer ranked by Forbes;
  • Haylee Powers, an Emmy award winner in the designing and creative direction category;
  • Shani Raja, senior editor at The Wall Street Journal and renowned writer at Bloomberg News, The Economist, and Time.

Thus, having taken a course in your field, stay assured that it’ll be from an industry expert only. And the badge that the seller gets from Fiverr Learn helps draw buyers quickly.

Types Of Courses

All the courses are related to just digital marketing or some creative service in the same niche. The best part is that the course type is short and can be used quickly as Fiverr gigs to earn money. Here are some more details:

Marketing & Digital Marketing Courses

Fiverr Learn Marketing & Digital Marketing Courses
Fiverr Learn Marketing & Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing is running this world today. And this has made everyone realize the importance of learning its basics. Fiverr Learn digital marketing courses are of two types; one is single courses, and the other is programs that are a group of multiple courses. All such courses revolve around the basics of digital marketing like SEO basics, blog content strategy, digital marketing analytics, Google Analytics, et al. They are more of use to a beginner-level or an intermediate-level digital marketer than an expert one. 

Other Creative Courses

Fiverr Learn - Creative Graphic Design Courses
Fiverr Learn – Creative Graphic Design Courses

Owing to the popularity of graphic designing, creative online courses are a big hit. Some of them, like logo design, Adobe Illustration, Adobe Photoshop, are among the top-bought courses. The main aim is to hone the creative side of the learner by imparting practical skill sets.

Fiverr Learn Prices & Refunds

Fiverr Learn courses aren’t as pricier as other online learning platforms like Udemy. The price range is between $19 to $90. That said, the frequent coupons or sales keep slashing their prices significantly. Fiverr Learn Payment options include major credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal transfers. And most importantly, there are no hidden fees charged in any way.

Fiverr Learn - Prices and Refunds
Fiverr Learn – Prices and Refunds

Coming to the refund policy of Fiverr Learn, there’s a 30 days full money-back guarantee offered, so the Fiverr Learn refund policy is quite simple. As long as you haven’t finished the course, you may contact Customer Support within 30 days of buying the course. Then, the refund is credited to your account within the next 5-10 business days. Also, for the courses purchased as a package having many courses, one can request a refund of the uncompleted ones only.

Sell on Fiverr

How To Sell On Fiverr With Better Results?

There are hundreds of thousands of sellers on Fiverr in varied niches. And when we talk about the competition in a specific niche, it’s ain’t much lower. You might, therefore, face difficulty when trying to sell your services on the platform. So, to be able to make it a source of income stream, one needs to sell successfully on Fiverr. And waiting for buyers to land on your gig page magically is not even an option. Thus, getting to the practical side of the selling aspect, let’s learn some never-to-fail tricks:

Use The Fiverr App

Fiverr Mobile App
Fiverr Mobile App

The freelancing world is all about timing. If you fail to respond quickly, the opportunity might slip into somebody else’s lap. Thus, it is always better to use the Fiverr App and stay logged in. There are many benefits of using the app instead of the website version to sell well on Fiverr:

  • Better Availability: The foremost benefit is Fiverr’s algorithm. Fiverr’s app algorithm works on the “recommendations” of those gigs that stay logged in all the time. The basic premise is to lock the deal faster as per the best availability at the moment. Contrary to this, the website version matches the buyers and sellers as per the average ranking of all the gigs in the niche starting from the top-seller at the top of the pyramid. Hence, to stay online as and when possible, it’s always good to use the app.
  • Better Response Time: Secondly, using the app always keeps you ahead of your competitors as the moment any message or query is asked, the app immediately notifies you, just like WhatsApp, and you are quick to respond. This helps maintain a great response rate and time and hence, a higher rank on Fiverr’s algorithms.
Pro Tip

That said, never try to cheat the Fiverr algorithm by showing yourself online through cheat tools. Fiverr’s detecting systems are quite smart, so they easily will catch you and might block you from the platform forever.


Fiverr SEO
Fiverr SEO

In the online world, SEO is the lifeline. It helps you land exactly where you want to. The same holds for the buyers searching for the best seller for their job. Hence, it is always imperative to play your SEO game the best way. Ensure the following success ideas to sell well on Fiverr:

  • Make a gig title that is keyword-specific rather than being general. For e.g., “I will write blog posts” is vague. If it would have been “I will write SEO content for blogs”, it would undoubtedly rank higher on Fiverr search results. To find the best keywords, you need to use the best SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, or you can use Google Adwords keyword Tools, like Keyword Planner or Google Trends. Also, check out the title of the niche’s top sellers. One of the reasons for the success of any top-seller is his SEO gig title.
  • Keep these titles relevant and short. The basic premise is that longer titles lose the battle in the ranking game. They have been termed as clumsy and unattractive by most of the buyers. And they don’t let the gig land higher. 
  • Not many realize that a gig title automatically becomes the URL of that gig. Using the most appropriate SEO-researched title with the best relatable keyword would make the platform match your gig quickly to the buyers. And what is worth consideration here is that a gig URL can’t be changed once the gig has been published.
  • And the last section for upping your SEO game involves the use of gig tags. Fiverr allows you to tag any five keywords right before publishing the gig. And these tags are just as important as the keywords of the gig title. To make it simple, think about Instagram or Twitter hashtag search. The aptest news comes up against what you must have searched up there. So use the most relevant ones.
Pro Tip 1

Let’s understand it with an example to avoid failure:

Say you’re offering a gig in the “Social Media Manager” category.

Now, while selecting the best tag, use the search feature of Fiverr.

If your punched tag shows up in the suggested top tags, then keep it. Otherwise, discard it in exchange for better suggestions.

Pro Tip 2

Never use irrelevant tags to draw traffic. It’s unethical, and you might get punished by Fiverr for cheating. For e.g., using the popular tag “blog post” with a gig meant for “logo design”.

Look Out For Your Profile

Fiverr User Profile
Fiverr User Profile

A sellers’ profile on any online platform is his identity there. Whoever visits it perceives him as he describes himself there. Thus, it is very imperative not to sideline the importance of a well-defined and complete profile. Always look for the complete profile percentage indicated by Fiverr while filling out the details to ensure this. Make sure to fill in all the details and bring this percentage to 100%. Completed profiles rank higher than similar incomplete ones. 

Pro Tip

An excellent tip for a good profile is to take a basic English test, especially for non-native English speakers. That helps in furthering the rank upside.

An impressively completed Fiverr profile brings the following benefits:

  • First, it ranks higher in the search results.
  • Second, the visibility of such a profile increases multifold.
  • Third, increased visibility brings in more buyers for your gigs.
  • Fourth, you will have greater chances of earning money on the platform.

Try To Get 5 Stars Rating

Fiverr 5-Star Ratings
Fiverr 5-Star Ratings

While buying anything online, we all are accustomed to looking for reviews before finalizing the sale. Therefore, the more the 5-star ratings, the higher the chance of us buying that product. This concept maps onto the buying service on all the freelancing sites, including Fiverr. Hence, any seller desirous of making huge sales must always try to deliver their best in every order. The reason being is that only excellent work can earn you excellent ratings. And more the 5-stars, the higher the gig ranking in Fiverr’s search algorithm.

A gig with more 5-stars is beneficial in the following ways:

  • First, it ranks higher in the search results.
  • Second, it becomes popular among buyers.
  • Third, its visibility rises, thereby bringing in more buyers.
  • Fourth, Fiverr buyers over other gigs prefer 5-star gigs because of quality assurance.
  • Fifth, the chances of receiving constant work on Fiverr increase with the increase in 5-stars.

Level Up

Fiverr Level Up
Fiverr Level Up

Ever searched for some service on Fiverr? Don’t forget to notice that the top results shown by the platforms are mostly the ones that are higher up in the ranks like top-sellers or Level 1 sellers. This is because the platform would rarely show fresh joins on the very first page. The reason is that all the veteran sellers on the platform have worked hard to earn their badges. Thus, Fiverr knows that they deserve the payback for their meritorious streak. Therefore, to become a successful seller on Fiverr, level up and make yourself more visible in the top searches.

Leveling Up on Fiverr involves:

  • Delivering all your gigs on time.
  • Communicating consistently with your gig buyers for clearing up any confusion.
  • Delivering high-quality work.
  • Working within the rules and regulations set by the platform.
  • Responding quickly to the queries received from the prospective buyers.
  • Regularly remaining active on the platform.
  • Completing all the projects you undertake.
  • Taking up more and more projects on Fiverr.

Choose metadata wisely

Another factor that helps the buyers find the sellers is the metadata that the seller punches in while describing the gig. Anything in the gig that makes the description lose its whole point makes that gig a loser. So choosing it smartly and accurately would help the buyers filter out the irrelevant gigs and land straight onto yours’.

Choosing metadata more wisely helps in:

  • Takes your gig rankings to a higher level.
  • Increases visibility of your gig.
  • Increases your gig conversion rate.
  • Makes you Fiverr’s favorite for bringing in more business for the platform.

Bad Metrics

Avoiding Bad Metrics

Fiverr Avoiding Bad Metrics
Fiverr Avoiding Bad Metrics

Bad metrics might ruin your professional image on Fiverr and will eventually create difficulty for you in the form of a shortage of work or, in the worst case, no work at all. Therefore, you must avoid bad metrics on the online marketplace to prevent loss of freelance income. Here are some useful tips to avoid bad metrics on Fiverr:

  • You might receive a 1-star review from your gig buyer in case of a late delivery or when the buyer is extremely dissatisfied with your work. It is, therefore, necessary to deliver quality work on time. Providing high-quality work will result in repeat orders from your gig buyers and will also prevent bad metrics. On the other hand, late deliveries will build a bad reputation on your Fiverr account and might attract 1-star reviews from your buyers. 
  • The best way to prevent bad metrics and secure a 5-star review is by over-delivering on your buyer’s expectations. This might come in the form of extra words delivered in a writing gig, extra seconds delivered in a video animation gig, a logo variation delivered in a logo designing gig, and so on. Always consider these extra efforts an investment rather than a burden since they will bring in good metrics for your Fiverr account, thereby bringing in more gig orders in the future. Also, your happy buyers might tip you here and there for your efforts.
  • Fast response to the messages and gig queries is a great way to secure 5 stars. Responding quickly to the messages you receive on Fiverr is extremely important to avoid bad metrics. Fast response translates to good communication, which is an essential factor considered by gig buyers when leaving a review for your gig. If you are inactive for too long or delay responding for other reasons, your ratings might suffer adversely. It is, therefore, recommended to react quickly to each of your gig queries or other messages received in your Fiverr inbox.
  • Mentioning that you are “Out of Office” is a great way to avoid bad metrics. As discussed above, responding late or remaining inactive for too long can negatively impact your Fiverr account metrics. But what if you are going on a holiday for the next two weeks and want an off from work? For such cases, you have an excellent way to inform your prospective gig buyers about your unavailability for freelance work. Fiverr provides an option to mark yourself as “Out of Office” whenever you need a break for any reason. This useful option allows you to inform the gig buyers that you are currently not taking up new projects. Nobody will come up with any queries related to your gig since Fiverr will stop showing up your gig in the search results for the period you are away, i.e. “Out of Office”. This option, therefore, helps to avoid bad metrics even when you cannot remain active on the platform for an extended period.


Selling Price On Fiverr

Fiverr Selling Price
Fiverr Selling Price

The selling price of your gig determines the number of projects you will receive and the money you will make on Fiverr. Therefore, setting a low price will increase the chance of receiving more orders while setting a high price for your gig will help you earn more for your services. It is, therefore, essential to carefully set a price for your gig to build a balance between the number of orders you receive and the money you earn for your efforts. 

$5 Myth

Since Fiverr is named after the base price of $5 that it initially set for its services, many people believe that they need to offer their gigs at $5 to succeed on the online marketplace. At the time of its launch in 2010, Fiverr fixed the price of all the gigs at $5. Later in 2013, the platform lifted this condition related to the gig selling price and started allowing custom pricing for all the gigs on the platform. So, you can now charge any desired price for your services depending on the efforts you put in. The platform has grown exponentially from where it began, and today, many freelancers are even earning a total income from Fiverr.

Know Your Offline Charge

While setting a selling price for your gig, it is extremely important to consider your offline charges for the same services. Your gig price should correspond to the amount you charge from your clients offline since that is what people are already paying you for the services you render. In this way, the satisfaction level of your online clients will be the same as that of offline clients.  

Per Hour Charge

Some freelancers prefer to charge per hour prices for their services. A few online freelance platforms provide an option to track time while working on a project. Fiverr doesn’t offer any time tracking tool for pricing your gigs on an hourly basis. You can, however, fix a price for your offering based on the time you will be spending on the project in total. For instance, if you are offering a service that will take four hours to finish and you generally charge $20 an hour, you should price your gig at $80 when setting a per hour price.

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Consider Competition With Other Freelancers

Apart from considering the price you charge offline, you also need to take into account the price charged by other freelancers on the online marketplace. Along with increasing your reach, the online platforms also increase the competition you have to face in the freelance world. Since you are exploring an entirely new market with a worldwide presence, you need to adjust your gig selling price on Fiverr accordingly.

Fees & Commissions

Fiverr Fees And Commissions

Fiverr Fees & Commissions
Fiverr Fees & Commissions

As an online marketplace for freelance services, Fiverr charges commission both from the gig sellers and the buyers. The platform incurs business expenses while working as a middleman between the two parties. Fees and commissions help the platform cover all these recurring expenses and make a business profit. Let us understand the Fiverr commission structure in detail here:

For Buyer

A gig buyer on Fiverr is charged a service fee of $2 on orders up to $40, while a flat fee of 5% is charged for purchases higher than that amount. For instance, an order of $10 or $25 will amount to $2 in Fiverr commissions, and an order of $80 will bear a commission tag of $4. The order amount and the commission thereon have to be paid by the buyer while placing the order though it will be released to the seller only when you receive the service and are completely satisfied with the work.

Fiverr charges a commission for all the payments you make through its platform. So, even if you tip your seller for delivering excellent work, you will be charged a 5% commission on that amount as well, or $2 if the tip amount is lower than $40. Since this tip will be an additional transaction, Fiverr commission will be calculated separately on this amount. For instance, you will have to pay $4 (5%) for an order of $80, and when you plan to tip your seller later, say with $10, you will be charged a commission of $2 (fixed amount since it is below $40) for this payment.

For Seller

Fiverr charges a commission of 20% on all the gigs you deliver. So, for a $5 gig, you will be paying a $1 commission and receiving a net amount of $4 in the form of earnings. Similarly, for a $100 gig, you will be paying a commission of $20 and receiving $80 net earnings.

Since Fiverr charges commission on all the money transacted through its platform, commission charges will be deducted even from the amount you receive as a gig tip from your buyers. Such tips are also charged at the rate of 20% flat. For instance, if you receive a tip of $10 for an $80 gig, you will be paying a Fiverr commission of $2 on the tip amount and $16 on the gig amount. Your net earnings, in such a case, will be $72 ($10 + $80 – $2 – $16) including both the gig amount and the tip amount you received.


Fiverr Payment Options

Fiverr Payment Options
Fiverr Payment Options

If you are a Gig buyer on Fiverr, you need to understand the availability of payment options with the online platform. Some Fiverr payment options are available worldwide, while others are limited to specific countries only. Let us discuss the most popular payment methods in detail here while also touching on others briefly. 

Credit/Debit Card

One of the most popular payment methods used online is credit or debit cards. Fiverr allows you to use all major credit/ debit cards for making purchases. This option is available worldwide to all buyers on Fiverr.


PayPal is increasingly becoming popular with online workers because of its good reputation and ease of use. Fiverr allows you to purchase gigs through your PayPal account in many countries throughout the world. The platform also provides you an option to connect your PayPal account to your Fiverr account for faster checkout.

Google Pay

Google Pay is used by many Android users and is a convenient payment option for online payments. You can purchase gigs on Fiverr using Google Pay when using the platform’s Android mobile application for making a payment. This Fiverr payment option is not available worldwide but is offered in many countries.

Apple Pay

Just like Fiverr offers an easy payment option for Android users, it allows payment via Apple Pay to iOS users. It is pretty convenient to use this method and can only be utilized when you are using Fiverr’s iOS mobile application. Since Apple Pay is not available in every corner of the world, this payment option is also available in limited countries.

Wire Transfer

Fiverr also allows an option to transfer funds through an electronic payment service by wire. So, you can purchase a gig on Fiverr via SWIFT, or the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS), or Fedwire, or other such wire transfer networks. The Fiverr wire transfer payment option is available only to the Fiverr Business clients.


Apart from the above popular payment options, Fiverr also provides a few other methods for purchasing a gig. These additional Fiverr payment methods are:


This payment option is available to gig buyers in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Sofort is a popular online banking method in these countries used for real-time bank transfers. Buyers can directly transfer funds from their bank accounts through this payment option.


Fiverr allows you to purchase gigs through GiroPay in Germany. GiroPay is an online banking-based payment method that transfers funds directly from the bank accounts of its customers.


Available to gig buyers in the Netherlands, iDEAL is a popular online payment method in the country that allows direct online transfers from your bank account.


This method is available in Brazil for purchasing gigs conveniently, even if you don’t have a bank account. Boleto is a popular cash-based payment method in the country that allows its users to make offline payments while availing themselves of online services.


Fiverr allows you to pay via OXXO in Mexico. OXXO is a popular payment method in Mexico used for online purchases. This voucher-based payment option allows you to pay offline for online services and can. Therefore, be used even if you do not have a bank account.


Fiverr Withdrawal Methods

Fiverr Withdrawal Methods
Fiverr Withdrawal Methods

Fiverr provides a variety of withdrawal methods for gig sellers on the platform. You can select one of these payment options for withdrawing the money you earn on Fiverr. Let us understand these Fiverr payout options in detail here:


Payoneer is a popular digital payment system among freelancers for receiving money globally. Fiverr allows you to receive payment to your bank account in your local currency through Payoneer. You need to click ‘Bank Transfer’ in the ‘Withdraw’ area of your Fiverr account to initiate the process. You will soon receive an email to register at Payoneer’s website during your first withdrawal.

The minimum withdrawal amount under this method is $20. Still, if you are located outside the US and choose to receive USD (wire), Payoneer processes your payment only after the amount exceeds $50. Fiverr charges an amount of $3 for each withdrawal made through this method. 

Direct Deposit

Fiverr also provides you an option to transfer your money directly to your bank account via Direct Deposit. This withdrawal method is available only to the Fiverr sellers residing in the United States and is powered by Payoneer. 

You just need to click on the ‘Direct Deposit’ option in the ‘Withdraw’ area of your Fiverr account. Soon, you will receive an email to register at Payoneer’s website if it is your first withdrawal. Then, for subsequent withdrawals, an email confirming withdrawal initiation will arrive in your inbox. The minimum withdrawal amount under this method is $10, and Fiverr levies a $1 charge for each withdrawal.


Since PayPal is widely used across the world for online payments and receipts, Fiverr allows you to withdraw money through the popular payment processor. You will have to set PayPal as your withdrawal method in your Fiverr account anytime before the first withdrawal. Once your PayPal account is confirmed, you can request a payout via PayPal and start receiving money through it.

The process of withdrawing money through PayPal on Fiverr is extremely simple. You just need to click on ‘PayPal’ in your Fiverr account’s ‘Withdraw’ area for initiating the withdrawal of your earnings. You will soon receive an email notifying the successful initiation of withdrawal, and the money will start showing up in your PayPal account very soon. No charges are levied by Fiverr when using this withdrawal method.

Pros and Cons

Fiverr Pros & Cons

  • Tips
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Safe payments
  • Freedom
  • Use full potential
  • Competition
  • Fees
  • Be always available

Let’s discuss the pros and cons in detail.

Pros Of Making Money On Fiverr

Money-making is termed as a rewarding experience by the majority of Fiverr sellers. According to the sellers on Fiverr, it has various pros over other freelancing platforms.

You Can Earn Tips

Fiverr has a great feature that allows its buyers to tip their sellers in case they are serviced extraordinarily. Just like in the real world, this online job market also incentivizes your sincere efforts. The key is to deliver your order par excellence. Many people have claimed to earn tips sometimes even equal to the order value. All that matters is maintaining quality and making the buyer happy. 

It’s Good For Beginners

Fiverr is the only freelancing platform that has become a boon for all the beginners out there. The reason is that the platform treats them all equally. You simply start from the lowest level and climb up the levels to be the best in your niche. Any beginner who is willing to learn on the job and is sincere can simply earn the ‘Top-seller’ tag eventually. You don’t fear getting screened out from a swarm of bids because you lack experience.

Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface that can be navigated and understood easily even by a layman in just a few minutes.

Payment Safety

Almost all beginners, especially in the online business environment, end up getting burned with some or other kind of scam. Sometimes, it’s the money-making portal extracting money from you deceitfully, or it doesn’t pay you for your hard work in the name of a trial.

But Fiverr isn’t any such scam. Moreso, even the buyers can’t deny you the payment for your approved work as Fiverr lets them place the order only when they keep the order value in the escrow. Hence, all the sellers must always be assured of the safety of their payments. This is also one of the main reasons for Fiverr’s high ranking in the freelancing world. 


Freedom is another most significant advantage of using Fiverr as a job and over other freelancing platforms. Where almost all the other freelancing platforms demand you to stay login to calculate your hourly work done, Fiverr’s work can be adjusted well between your office breaks, your travel schedule, or any such small breaks you think could have been used productively.

This great feature of Fiverr has facilitated many homemakers or students to fund their day-to-day expenses without forcing them to make adjustments. But make sure not to compromise on the quality of your work like that as it will negatively impact your ratings or, even worse, may finish your Fiverr order lineup.  

Utilizing your full potential

Freelance platforms usually require you to create a profile describing your talents and skills. If you are an expert in more than one service, your profile might look stacked up with a lot of information and become confusing for the buyers. Fiverr is unique in a way that it requires you to create a gig for each service you want to offer. This feature allows you to build separate profiles in the form of gigs under your main Fiverr profile to avoid any confusion for the buyers. You can utilize your full potential by offering multiple services in different niches to build an additional source of income from Fiverr.

Cons Of Fiverr

Everything in the world has two sides, and Fiverr is no exception. Though full of huge advantages, it has some minor disadvantages too. But you can always avoid bad things, all with little smartness and a lot of hard work. Let’s understand the cons and also the ways to twist them to our advantage:  


With thousands of sellers offering similar services at the lowest price possible, the competition is quite intense on Fiverr. Looking at your competitors may even bring your morale down in the beginning, forcing you to think, ‘Why would any buyer hire me? A newbie with no experience and ratings?’ 

Pro Tip

But this thought has its answer deep within, that why you? So, to stand out from the ocean of other sellers, add uniqueness to your service that probably none of the other sellers is offering. This feature is called “Gig Extra”. Also, be prepared to work at the lowest of the low price. Markup the price once you start getting positive reviews. Say, $5 increment after every 25th or ‘nth’ order.


Another con of Fiverr is the high amount of fees that it charges, especially from the sellers. Whereas it is $2 or 5%, whichever is higher in the case of buyers, it shoots up by four times when it comes to sellers. A 20% cut of the platform on a meager income of $5 seems a little too much, especially to those who join the marketplace to earn their living. This has been the main reason for many new sellers withdrawing too quickly from the Fiverr craze. But it’s nothing that can’t be tackled. 

Pro Tip

Losing an opportunity of joining a freelance platform like Fiverr for its fee structure would be an experience lost. The best thing is to tackle the situation mindfully. The “$5 gig” is a mind game used to attract buyers. Keep the basic service for $5 and then introduce irresistible add-ons to your gig each for, say, $5 or whatever the effort for that add-on deserves.

Let’s understand this with an example:

  • Main Gig for $5:  I will write a 1000-word original content for your blog/website.
  • Add-on for another $5: Copyright-free 5 pictures related to the content.
  • Another add-on for another $10: For delivering the order within 24 hours. 

This way, you can easily earn $20 on order. However, with Fiverr charging just $4 as fees, you’re still left with $16 as against the usual $4 by putting in just a few minutes for small add-ons. The key is to get creative with add-ons to stand out from other similar services. 

You Need To Be Available For Clients 

This could be the most challenging disadvantage for those who join Fiverr for its flexible time and work schedules. The sellers must always quickly respond to the queries of the existing and potential buyers so as not to lose them. Also, if any of the messages in your inbox are left unanswered for long, your response rate on your main profile starts falling, which in turn dries up your order line-up. And homemakers and students are the ones who are worst hit with this con. But there’s a way to work this around.

Pro Tip

Always take Fiverr as a social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp. Do what we all do when we receive a message on any social media during a busy day: leave a little standard reply, so your response rate stays at 100%. To understand it, let’s consider a hypothetical situation:

You get a new inquiry from a prospective buyer asking about your service and his specific requirements, do the following: 

  • Quickly respond as soon as Fiverr notifies you about the message; 
  • Since you’re preoccupied now, send a safe answer like “Thank you so much for considering me for this job. Could you please provide me with every detail so I can get clarity of the work to be done?”;
  • Alternatively, if you have already been provided with a long detailed order requirement, respond as “Thank you so much for considering me for this job. Kindly allow me some time to go through the order requirements.”;
  • Make sure you’re always logged in or get notified for every message; and 
  • Lastly, another trick to always seemingly present is to keep these messages typed in your notepad and send them quickly to prevent your response rate from falling.


Fiverr Alternatives Comparison

Fiverr provides an easy-to-use online platform to both freelancers and businesses. Working as a middleman, the platform ensures the safety of funds to both parties. There are, however, many other freelance platforms that perform the same task. Every such platform has a different user interface and offers some unique features. Knowing your specific requirements in advance will help you find the most suitable platform for your needs. Let us compare Fiverr to some of its alternatives here:

Fiverr vs. Upwork

Fiverr Alternatives - Fiverr vs Upwork
Fiverr Alternatives – Fiverr vs Upwork

Upwork is the best alternative to Fiverr because of its longstanding reputation and the features it offers. It can be looked at as Fiverr’s upscale version. Before delving deeper, let us first understand what Upwork is?

What is Upwork?

Upwork is an online marketplace that connects businesses to a wide range of freelancers across all service niches. It is among the oldest freelance platforms and has gained the trust of millions of users across the world. 

How Upwork differs from Fiverr?

Upwork offers more safety for the money you exchange via the online marketplace. The significant difference between Upwork and Fiverr lies in the bidding system that is prevalent in the former. Where freelancers post their services on Fiverr with a fixed price tag for businesses to find a suitable gig, businesses post jobs on Upwork for freelancers to apply with a bidding price for the job posted. You can, therefore, expect a bidding war on Upwork with freelancers fighting to grab the job. Read more about Fiverr vs Upwork differences.

Fiverr and Upwork comparison for Freelancers

  • The major difference between Fiverr and Upwork for freelancers lies in their commission policy. Fiverr charges a fixed 20% commission from freelancers on all projects completed through the platform. Upwork, on the other hand, charges 20% commission on the first $500 you earn through the platform, 10% on your earnings between $500 and $10,000, and 5% on the amounts you receive after that. So, if you are planning to gain experience and earn money for the long term, Upwork is more beneficial for you since you will be paying less commission as you grow.
  • The other difference for freelancers is the way they receive projects on the two platforms. You can simply put up a gig on Fiverr to offer your services at a fixed price. On the other hand, Upwork requires you to bid for the jobs posted by businesses and individuals. This might lead to a price war resulting in lower rewards for your efforts into the services you provide.
  • Both the platforms have an exemplary user interface and are easy to use for freelancers. Talking about customer support, Upwork users seem to be more satisfied with the support provided by the platform. A freelancer can expect to offer all kinds of services on both the online marketplaces as both Fiverr and Upwork are general freelance platforms without specializing in a specific service.

Fiverr and Upwork Comparison for Businesses

  • Fiverr provides an easier user interface for businesses than Upwork. Every service category is well-structured in Fiverr whereas Upwork makes the task of finding a suitable freelancer quite time-consuming with loads of filter methods on offer. Fiverr is pretty convenient for hiring a talent since you can explore the marketplace to find the best match for your current needs. On the other hand, you will have to post a job on Upwork and wait for the freelancers to bid for work.
  • Talking about the price of services, you can specify your target price at Upwork and might get in touch with a high-quality freelancer at a very competitive rate because of the platform’s bidding system. While on Fiverr, you will have to work with a freelancer at the price fixed in the gig you want to purchase. Upwork charges you a flat 3% commission on the total amount of orders you place, while Fiverr charges you an amount of $2 for orders of $40 or below and a flat 5% for all orders above $40. Upwork might, therefore, prove beneficial to you financially.

When to use Upwork instead of Fiverr?

Upwork encourages long-term freelance contracts and is, therefore, suitable for large projects that require a longer duration to finish. 

Suitability for a buyer:

If you have continuous work to offer to a suitable freelancer, Upwork would be a great fit. 

Suitability for a seller:

Upwork is suitable for those freelancers who want regular work and are ready to compromise with their schedules.

When to use Fiverr instead of Upwork?

Fiverr is a platform for small jobs or one-time projects that are quick to finish. 

Suitability for a buyer:

As a service buyer, choose Fiverr over Upwork if you have a small project to offer. 

Suitability for a seller:

As a freelancer, Fiverr is suitable for you if you want to make money quickly by finishing small projects. You will have more flexibility at Fiverr since small jobs take less time to complete, and you can conveniently take a break before taking up another project.

Difference between Upwork and Fiverr at a glance

Getting a job on the platformThe seller bids with a price for the projects posted by the buyers.The seller posts a gig with a fixed price that interested buyers purchase.
Budget and PricingThough the general rates are higher than Fiverr here, you might find a quality freelancer for cheap due to a bidding war for your project between different sellers.The rates offered by sellers are generally lower than Upwork here. 
Commission charged from sellers20% for first $500, 10% for all-time earnings between $500 and $10,000, and 5% thereon.A flat 20% commission is charged from all your earnings.
Commission charged from buyersA flat 3% commission is levied on the total amount of orders you place.$2 is charged for orders up to $40 and a flat 5% for order amounts above $40.
Customer supportExisting customers are more satisfied with Upwork’s support.Existing customers are a little less satisfied with Fiverr’s support.
Finding a freelancerA little time-consuming.Extremely easy.
SuitabilityLong-term and ongoing projects.Short and quick-to-finish jobs.

Fiverr vs. Etsy

Fiverr Alternatives - Fiverr vs Etsy
Fiverr Alternatives – Fiverr vs Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace just like Fiverr, but it sells products instead of services. Let us first understand this online platform here:

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique vintage items and handmade products. It allows the sellers to create their stores or shops for offering their unique and creative products.

How Etsy differs from Fiverr?

The biggest difference between Etsy and Fiverr is the offerings they market. Where Fiverr offer all kinds of services, Etsy doesn’t allow its sellers to offer services on its platform. Instead, the latter is specialized in unique and creative products that are handmade by its sellers. Each seller has a separate shop that offers various unique products, and buyers can place an order for any item they would like to buy. This way, Etsy provides a platform that is closer to Amazon than Fiverr and can be called an e-commerce website for handmade products.

Fiverr and Etsy comparison for freelancers or sellers

  • Fiverr has a pretty simple commission structure that is easy to understand for a freelancer. The commission structure of Etsy, on the other hand, is quite complicated. Where Fiverr charges a flat 20% commission from all your earnings, the creative marketplace charges a product listing fee of $0.20 for each item you offer for sale through the platform. In addition, you will bear a quantity-based listing cost for the items that are ordered in multiple quantities. For instance, if a buyer orders 10 pieces of one of your products, you will be charged $2 ($0.20 X 10). Additionally, a 5% commission is charged from every sale you make, including the price of your product, delivery charges, and the amount charged for gift wrapping the item, if any.
  • The other difference for a freelancer is the way you offer your products or services on Fiverr and Etsy. Fiverr allows you to post a gig for your offering, while Etsy requires you to build a shop containing the items you have for sale. As against Fiverr, Etsy offers you the flexibility to set your unique policies for refund, return, and exchange of products.
  • Both the platforms allow their users to earn reviews from their buyers and build a reputation. In addition, they come with an excellent user interface for ease of use. Looking at the satisfaction levels of existing customers of both these platforms on Trustpilot, Fiverr’s support is better than that of Etsy’s.

Fiverr and Etsy comparison for businesses or buyers.

  • Both Fiverr and Etsy provide an easy user interface for buyers on their platforms. Both the marketplaces are well-structured, with different categories of different offerings they have. You are free to explore both platforms to find out the best product or service for your current needs. As a buyer, you can conveniently find a suitable product on Etsy just the way Fiverr makes it easy for you to find an appropriate service for your requirements.
  • Comparing the price of products and services, you will find that different freelancers offer the same services at different rates on Fiverr. Similarly, you might find similar items available on different Etsy shops with a wide difference in their prices. Observing the reviews received by the seller from previous buyers is a great way to know the quality of the product or service offered by him. It is worth mentioning that Etsy doesn’t charge any fees from its buyers, whereas Fiverr charges $2 for orders of up to $40 and a flat 5% for all orders above that amount. Etsy is, therefore, quite beneficial for buyers of the online platform.

When to use Etsy instead of Fiverr?

Etsy is an e-commerce marketplace of unique vintage and handmade products with creative value attached to them.

Suitability for a buyer:

Use Etsy to find handmade products made by sellers from around the globe. You can also grab some vintage items at great prices.

Suitability for a seller:

When you are a creative person who can make and deliver physical products, Etsy is the right choice for you. You can also use this platform to sell vintage and other unique items of value. For instance, if you have a century-old coin, you cannot sell it via Fiverr. Offering it on Etsy would be the best available option for you.

When to use Fiverr instead of Etsy?

Unlike Etsy, Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that allows hiring various service specialists.

Suitability for a buyer:

If you are a business or individual buyer requiring expert services in any field, Fiverr is the appropriate choice for you.

Suitability for a seller:

If you have a skill that can only be delivered via service, choose Fiverr over Etsy since the latter doesn’t allow you to offer any services on its platform. For instance, you cannot provide business or relationship consulting services via Etsy since there isn’t any involvement of a physical product here. So offering such services on Fiverr would be the right thing to do.

Difference between Etsy and Fiverr at a glance

What does it sell?It deals only in products. It deals only in services. 
Selling on the platformThe seller creates an online store or shop to display the offerings.The seller posts a gig with a fixed price which is purchased by interested buyers.
Commission charged from sellers$0.20 is charged for every product listed plus a 5% commission is deducted from the total amount received from the sale of every unit.A flat 20% commission is charged from all your earnings.
Commission charged from buyersNo commission is charged from the buyers.$2 is charged for orders up to $40 and a flat 5% for order amounts above $40.
Setting unique policiesIt allows the sellers to set their unique policies for refund, return, and exchange.Sellers cannot set any such unique policies.
Customer supportExisting customers are a little less satisfied with Etsy’s support.Existing customers are more satisfied with Fiverr’s support.

Fiverr vs. Freelancer

Fiverr Alternatives Fiverr vs Freelancer
Fiverr Alternatives Fiverr vs Freelancer

Freelancer is a strong competitor of Fiverr and is, therefore, a great alternative to the platform for both sellers and buyers. Just like Fiverr, Freelancer is trusted by millions of people and businesses from around the globe.

👉  Etsy vs. Fiverr: What's The Difference Between Fiverr and Etsy?

What is the Freelancer platform?

Freelancer is an online freelance marketplace for buying and selling all types of services. It acts as a middleman between businesses and freelancers to provide a secure platform for both parties.

How Freelancer differs from Fiverr?

Therefore, the Freelancer platform was established a year ahead of Fiverr and is older than the latter. The basic structure of Fiverr revolves around service gigs, whereas Freelancer doesn’t have any such system. Instead, it provides services in the form of projects or contests conducted by individual buyers or businesses. You will also find flexible payment terms at Freelancer with an option to pay either a fixed price for your project or pay by the hour. However, Fiverr only allows you to pay a fixed amount for the service you receive. Read more about Fiverr vs Freelancer differences.

Fiverr and Upwork comparison for freelancers.

  • You will find a major difference between the commission structure of Fiverr and Freelancer. Fiverr, as discussed above, charges a fixed percentage from your earnings, i.e., 20%, from all the projects you complete through the platform. Freelancer follows a slightly complicated commission structure and charges differently for fixed-price projects and hourly projects. Working on a fixed-price project, you will attract a commission of $5 or 10% of the winning bid, whichever is greater. Such commission is charged as soon as you accept a fixed-price project. For any subsequent earnings from the same project, Freelancer will again charge a 10% project fee. 

For instance: If you accept a $100 fixed-price project, you will be charged $10 (10% of $100) for it. If your service buyer pays you an extra amount of $30 for delivering excellent work, you will attract an additional commission of $3 (10% of 30) on this extra sum.  So a total commission of $13 is paid from the total earnings of $130. Please don’t confuse the $5 limit amount for any additional amount you receive since such additional amounts attract a 10% commission rate. 

  • Apart from the above, the hourly projects are charged a commission of 10% flat upon release of Milestone Payment. When working on an hourly project, Freelancer doesn’t charge commission on accepting the project as in the case of fixed-price projects. You will, therefore, be paying a 10% project fee on every Milestone Payment you receive. Additionally, Australian residents are required to pay 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • The other significant difference between the two platforms lies in the way you receive projects from the service buyers. Where Fiverr requires you to post gigs for your service offerings, you will have to bid on projects to offer your services on Freelancer. Your profile acts as your resume where you can add your skills and the service price you charge.
  • Both Fiverr and Freelancer offer a comfortable user experience when you navigate their website. A dedicated section is built by Freelancer to make it easy for service sellers to find projects. You can browse jobs as per your niche in that section and apply to work on them. Fiverr does not provide any such special section for freelancers, but some sellers might receive special projects posted by buyers. You can examine these limited projects within your Fiverr seller account and apply for any of them if they fall within your service scope.
  • Looking at the customer support provided by these platforms, existing users trust Freelancer more than Fiverr. A freelancer can expect to offer all kinds of services on both the online marketplaces as both Fiverr and Freelancer are general freelance platforms without specializing in a certain service.

Fiverr and Freelancer comparison for businesses.

  • As discussed earlier, Fiverr charges a flat 5% commission on orders above $40 and $2 flat for orders of up to $40. On the other hand, Freelancer has a different commission structure with fixed-price projects and hourly projects being charged differently. An amount of $3 or 3% of the winning bid, whichever is greater, is charged for fixed-price projects. This commission is deducted as soon as the awarded freelancer accepts your project. Any amount paid over and above the bid amount attracts a 3% commission charge.

For instance: A project of $300 attracts $9 as the commission (3% of     $300). If you pay $50 extra to the freelancer on receiving the project for delivering excellent work, an additional commission of $1.5 (3% of $50) will be charged. Therefore, a total commission of $10.5 is levied on the payment of $350.

  • On the other hand, the hourly projects attract a 3% flat commission on the Milestone Payment. It is not charged during the acceptance of the project but is levied whenever the Milestone Payment is made. A refund of Milestone Payment results in the refund of this commission as well. 
  • Both Fiverr and Freelancer provide an easy-to-use website for businesses and individual service buyers. Different categories and sub-categories of services can be found on these platforms. It makes it easier for you to find a suitable freelancer for your needs. Both the platforms also provide you with an option to post your service requirements to which suitable freelancers will respond. This feature makes it easy for you to filter out the talent and choose the best person for your job. Additionally, Freelancer allows you to conduct a contest that receives several entries from the freelancers. You can select the best one out of the submissions you receive. This feature helps you receive several work options before selecting the final one. Such a feature is not available on Fiverr.

When to use Freelancer instead of Fiverr?

Therefore, Freelancer encourages long-term freelance contracts and is suitable for large projects that require a longer duration to finish, while Fiverr is more suitable for shorter gigs. 

Suitability for a buyer:

If you have continuous work to offer to a suitable freelancer, the Freelancer platform would be a great fit. Also, you will be paying a lesser commission on bigger projects on Freelancer because of the lower rate compared to Fiverr. It is also suitable for those buyers who want to conduct contests for their projects.

Suitability for a seller:

Freelancer is suitable for those freelancers who want regular work since many service buyers post their large projects on this platform. You have the flexibility to work both on a fixed price or hourly price. Additionally, if you are confident about your skills and want to enter into contests, Freelancer is the most appropriate choice for you.  

When to use Fiverr instead of Freelancer?

Fiverr is a platform for small jobs or one-time projects that are quick to finish and have a fixed price. 

Suitability for a buyer:

As a service buyer, choose Fiverr over Freelancer if you have a small project to offer. You might also find quality freelancers for your project working at a low budget on Fiverr.

Suitability for a seller:

As a freelancer, Fiverr is suitable for you if you want to make money quickly by finishing several small projects. You might have more flexibility at Fiverr since small jobs take less time to complete, and you can conveniently fit in a break before taking up another small project. 

Difference between Freelancer and Fiverr at a glance

Getting a job on the platformThe seller bids with a price for the projects posted by the buyers. Sellers also participate in contests for additional work.The seller posts single or multiple service gigs with fixed prices that interested buyers purchase.
Type of jobsLong-term projects are more commonly found on Freelancer than Fiverr.Most of the jobs are short and require lesser time to finish. 
The flexibility of payments or receiptsIt allows both fixed-price and hourly projects.It allows only fixed-price projects.
Commission charged from sellersIt charges $5 or 10% of the winning bid, whichever is higher in the case of fixed-price projects and 10% of Milestone Payments in the case of hourly projects.A flat 20% commission is charged from all your gig earnings.
Commission charged from buyersIt charges $3 or 3% of the winning bid, whichever is higher in the case of fixed-price projects and 3% of Milestone Payments in the case of hourly projects.$2 is charged for orders of and below $40 and a flat 5% for order amounts above $40.
Time of charging the commissionThe commission on fixed-price projects is charged from the seller when the project is accepted.It is charged from the seller when the buyer makes the gig payment.
Customer supportExisting customers are more satisfied with the support provided by Freelancer.Existing customers are a little less satisfied with the customer support provided by Fiverr.
Running contestsIt allows the buyers to run contests for inviting multiple entries to their projects.Buyers do not have a provision to run any contests.
SuitabilityIt is most suitable for long-term and ongoing projects.It is most suitable for small and quick-to-finish projects.

Fiverr vs. 99designs

Fiverr Alternatives Fiverr vs 99designs
Fiverr Alternatives Fiverr vs 99designs

99designs is an online freelance marketplace like Fiverr but specializes in a particular service, unlike Fiverr that offers all services under one roof. 

What is 99designs?

Developed by Vistaprint, 99designs is a platform for graphic design enthusiasts. It acts as a middleman between business professionals and creative designers.

How do 99designs differ from Fiverr?

One of the major differences between 99designs and Fiverr lies in their offerings. Where 99designs is a specialized marketplace for graphic designing services, Fiverr is a general marketplace for all types of freelance services.

Fiverr and 99designs comparison for freelancers or sellers

  • As discussed above, Fiverr charges a flat 20% commission from your earnings, making its commission structure for sellers quite easy to understand. On the other hand, 99designs charges a 20% client introduction fee from the sellers or designers. Additionally, a 15% platform fee is charged from the entry-level designers, 10% from the mid-level designers, and only 5% from the top-level designers. Though the commission structure offered by 99designs is complicated for sellers, you tend to benefit in the form of commission savings as you grow as a designer on the platform.
  • Both Fiverr and 99designs allow their freelancers to create a profile for offering their services. Where Fiverr requires you to post a gig for offering a service, creating a 99designs profile is sufficient to represent their services for sellers working on the specialized platform. You just need to mention the services you offer along with the prices you charge for them. When a buyer lands on your profile through the search term, all your service offerings will be visible with their price tags. However, in Fiverr, a buyer lands directly on the service gig from the platform’s search result page.
  • Another major difference between Fiverr and 99designs lies in the contests held for designers. 99designs allows you to participate in different contests held by the buyers on the platform. If the buyer loves your design, you will win the contest and the prize money. Fiverr doesn’t provide you with such an option to earn additional money.
  • It is worth mentioning here that 99designs is a specialized platform for designers instead of a generalized one like Fiverr. This fact allows you to demand more money on 99designs for your designing and graphic services. Even buyers are willing to pay more on 99designs as they are in search of experts in the designing and graphics field. The payout, therefore, is higher on 99designs than Fiverr.
  • Both the platforms provide a comfortable user interface for sellers’ convenience. The concept of “Seller Levels” prevails at both Fiverr and 99designs that encourages freelancers to work hard. Also, sellers of both these platforms can earn reviews for the work they deliver, thereby helping them build a reputation in the long run. Talking about the customer support offered by Fiverr and 99designs, Fiverr customers seem to be more satisfied, as expressed on top review websites.

Fiverr and 99designs comparison for businesses or buyers

  • Fiverr buyers can find all kinds of services on the platform, whereas the service buyers on 99designs will find only graphic illustrators and brand designers on the online marketplace. Since 99designs is a specialized platform, you will notice that the rates of services are higher than Fiverr here. 
  • Both Fiverr and 99designs provide a seamless experience to their buyers with their excellent interface. All services are categorized properly to make it easy for businesses and individual buyers to find a suitable service. Even sub-categories for all the service offerings are provided by both the marketplaces. The system of providing reviews to a seller for the services received is prevalent on both Fiverr and 99designs. This allows you to know the credibility of a seller and make a decision accordingly.
  • The method of receiving service on these platforms is also quite similar. You can explore various gigs or services on both platforms. Additionally, 99designs allows you to conduct a contest for receiving multiple entries from various suitable freelancers. On the other hand, Fiverr also provides you with an additional method of finding an appropriate freelancer. It allows you to post your requirements to which different freelancers respond. You can select a freelancer according to your needs and budget from those who respond to your project.
  • The commission structure of Fiverr is less complicated for buyers than the structure followed by 99designs. Fiverr charges $2 for orders amounting to $40 or below and 5% for all orders above $40. On the other hand, 99designs charges a 5% platform fee and fixed project cost depending on the contest package you choose. Clients from Australia are required to pay an additional 10% that goes towards Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Another difference between Fiverr and 99designs comes in the form of a money-back guarantee. Fiverr does not guarantee money back in case you are unsatisfied with the services you receive on its platform. At the same time, 99designs offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all contests that can be availed within 60 days of payment. Therefore, if you do not like the designs submitted by freelancers, you can claim a refund to 99designs.

When to use 99designs instead of Fiverr?

99designs offers specialized services in brand designing and graphics. You won’t find any other services on this platform.

Suitability for a buyer:

When you are building a brand and need graphics for various purposes like logo creation, product labels, etc., choosing 99designs is a better option. The platform connects you with design experts ensuring high-quality services. 

Suitability for a seller:

If you are an expert designer or graphic illustrator, 99designs is a more favorable option for you than Fiverr. You can demand more prices for your services at the specialized platform.

When to use Fiverr instead of 99designs?

Fiverr is a general marketplace for all types of services in contrast to 99designs that specializes in a single one.

Suitability for a buyer:

Since 99designs offers services related to designing and graphics only, you will have to resort to Fiverr when you need other types of services. Also, in case of budget constraints, Fiverr would be a better option than 99designs.

Suitability for a seller:

If you are not an expert in the graphics and designing field, there is no reason to join 99designs. In such a case, offering your services on Fiverr is a great option since it allows you to offer almost any type of service one can render. Additionally, if you are beginning your journey in the graphics world, consider gaining some experience on Fiverr and eventually move on to 99designs for earning better rates.

Difference between 99designs and Fiverr at a glance

Type of marketplaceIt is a specialized service platform as it deals only in the designing and graphics field. It is a general service platform as it deals in all types of services. 
Selling on the platformThe seller’s profile acts as his portfolio where all the service offerings are visible to the buyers.The service gigs posted by the sellers attract interested buyers on Fiverr.
Commission charged from sellersIt charges a 20% client introduction fee. Additionally, 15%, 10%, and 5% platform fee is charged from entry-level, mid-level, and top-level designers respectively.It charges a flat 20% commission from all the seller earnings including the gig tips paid by the buyers.
Commission charged from buyersIt charges a 5% platform fee and a fixed project cost depending on the contest package you select.It charges $2 for orders up to $40 and a flat 5% for orders above that amount.
Holding contestsIt allows the buyers to hold contests for inviting multiple entries to their projects and select the best one.Buyers cannot conduct any service contests.
Service ratesBecause of specialization, services are available at higher rates on 99designs.Services are available at extremely affordable rates on Fiverr.
Customer supportExisting customers are a little less satisfied with the customer support received from 99designs.Existing customers are more satisfied with the support received from Fiverr.
Money-back guaranteeIt offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of payment.It does not offer a money-back guarantee in any service category.

Client Support

Fiverr Customer Support

Fiverr Customer Support
Fiverr Customer Support

Fiverr offers you a helping hand in case you need one, whether as a seller or a buyer. In addition, it offers customer support to all its members through a ticket system. In most cases, you will receive a response to your query within 24 hours of creating a ticket for it. 

Problems To Solve

Problems can arise when dealing with different people from different parts of the world on Fiverr. Since the platform works as a middleman between the two parties, it also helps resolve such problems between the sellers and buyers. When there is a gap in communication or some kind of misunderstanding, you can always resort to Fiverr’s customer support team for a solution.

Fiverr does not only help you in solving the problems that arise while dealing with the other party but also tends to support you for your general problems. Whether you are facing an issue with your payment method, creating a Fiverr Business account, using Fiverr Learn, creating a new gig, or any other such issue, the customer support team at Fiverr will always be there for your help.

Help Desk

Fiverr provides a ticketing system as part of its Help Desk that allows you to raise a ticket for any of your queries. You need to choose a category for your query to pinpoint the problem you are experiencing. It helps the support personnel to understand better the problem you are experiencing.

Along with a ticket-creating system, Fiverr provides you with a Help Desk that contains answers to all the popular queries raised by its members. The useful resource allows you to scroll through the related topic and gain complete knowledge about an issue. Therefore, you can solve the majority of your problems by going through the information available on Fiverr’s Help Desk page.

Fiverr Refund 

As a Fiverr buyer, you might receive a refund of your purchase amount from a canceled order. This amount starts appearing in your Fiverr balance and can be used for another purchase on the platform. Along with the original order amount, Fiverr also refunds the service fee charged during the placement of the gig order. Such Fiverr balance cannot be withdrawn to your PayPal or bank account and can only be used to order another gig.

Fiverr also offers a direct refund for those who wish to receive their refund amount in their PayPal account or credit card. You will have to request a Fiverr refund on the specific refund page provided by the platform for such a direct refund. Alternatively, you can always get in touch with the Fiverr customer support team for any refund issue you might face when an order is canceled.

Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate Program - Fiverr Affiliates
Fiverr Affiliate Program – Fiverr Affiliates

Fiverr offers an affiliate program that allows you to earn commission by promoting the services offered by the platform on your website and social channels. You need to create a separate account to work as an affiliate on the platform since the account you create as a seller or buyer at the platform will not serve this purpose. However, the platform equips you with creative resources and professional support for ensuring your success. You can also launch affiliate marketing campaigns through Fiverr’s easy-to-use dashboard. With an impressive commission structure and presence in over 160 countries across the globe, you can expect to earn a lot from this affiliate program.


Fiverr For Business

Fiverr for Business
Fiverr for Business

Fiverr is an excellent choice for businesses since it allows them to outsource projects now and then. It provides convenience, saves office expenses, hiring expenses, and helps to connect with talent across the globe. Let us discuss the benefits of Fiverr for businesses in detail here:

Benefits of Fiverr for Businesses

Reduced organizational burden

Fiverr takes up a lot of burden off from the business professionals by acting as a middleman between freelancers and businesses. You don’t need to advertise for a vacancy, go through the applications submitted for the post, or interview the talent. Fiverr makes it super easy for you to get the job done without following the tedious hiring process. You also don’t need to keep an eye on the employee working at your designated job. Instead, you can carry out your business dealings while a Fiverr seller efficiently gets the job done for you.

Cost savings

Businesses incur huge expenses in finding out the right candidate for a position. However, with Fiverr, you don’t need to bear the advertising cost for a job opening or spend your productive days interviewing the talent.  The platform also helps you save office expenses since these freelancers will work from the comfort of their homes and won’t be needing anything except your project requirements to deliver the work.

Increase in talent options

Working locally, you are limited by the region and have limited talent options to choose from. Fiverr, on the other hand, connects you with different talents globally. As a result, you will have dozens of talent options to choose from and won’t have to compromise with a less talented individual just because of region constraints.


The price of different services varies across different regions around the world. Therefore, when working at a local level, you will have to pay at the prices prevalent in your market. However, when hiring talent from Fiverr, you might find many freelancers offering the same services at much lower prices without compromising the quality of service they provide. It happens both because of competition and different market rates of such services in the seller’s local market. Fiverr, therefore, helps you hire appropriate freelancers at extremely affordable rates.

Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business
Fiverr Business

Apart from the above benefits, Fiverr recently launched a new service called Fiverr Business to assist businesses further in their working. Though otherwise, the businesses are free to find freelancers for outsourcing their work, Fiverr Business is meant for the organizations that do not have time to find the best match for their short-term projects.

What is Fiverr Business?

So, the question arises about what exactly Fiverr Business does? How it performs differently than the rest of the platform? Let’s understand it all. 

Fiverr Business offers all kinds of assistance to large corporate clients. Such assistance may include outlining the projects, determining budgets, monitoring the progress, all internally. In addition, it helps corporate clients in collaborating when working with freelancers. 

Fiverr Business feature allows the businesses and corporate houses to subscribe to the platform with any number of individual users within the same account. This collaboration feature makes it extremely easy for a business team to work together on a project while getting the job done by freelancers quite efficiently.

Benefits of Fiverr Business 

  • Fiverr Business gives exclusive access to 24*7 executive support which is ready to help without delay. 
  • It helps the business professionals to collaborate on a project and handle the work assigned to freelancers together as a team.
  • Fiverr Business has a special pool of best of the best talent curated from each niche. This ensures service of the highest quality.
  • The constant support saves the time of the large business houses in finding and then matching the perfect talent.


Fiverr Stock

Fiverr Stock
Fiverr Stock

Launched in 2010, Fiverr has seen more than 600% growth until now. This has made the company release an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Though headquartered in Israel’s capital city, the company listed its stock on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) in June 2019. In addition, it reported its revenue for the previous fiscal year at an upward of $107 million. 

IPO Price

Fiverr International Ltd. released its IPO at $21 per share at NYSE. The price was higher than what the company had initially decided. But as soon as the trading session started, the stock of Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR) soared to $39.90, a 90% jump. 

Fiverr Stock Price – Current Value

After having tasted success on the very first day of trading, the stock receded even below its initial price. However, with all the ups of positive revenues in the last fiscal years, Fiverr stock price managed to beat all the lows during the journey. As of October 2021, the stock is trading at $182, indicating an overall positive run on the trading circuit.

Fiverr Pro

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro
Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a unique feature that allows service buyers to select hand-vetted sellers for their needs. In addition, the Pro-verified freelancers go through a rigorous verification process to prove their skills. 

Fiverr Pro for buyers, individuals and businesses

As a buyer, Fiverr Pro guarantees to connect you with the top talent for your requirements. All the Pro-verified users are carefully examined for their knowledge, skills, and experience. Fiverr claims that Pro verification is earned by only 1% of the freelancers who apply for it. You will, therefore, be working with the best of the best who will ensure to deliver only the highest quality services. 

Fiverr Pro for freelancers or service sellers

Fiverr Pro is a free service, and every Fiverr seller, whether new or old, are eligible to apply. As a seller, you must apply for Pro verification if you believe you have enough talent and experience to get selected by the Fiverr team. In addition, you will be required to share your higher education, professional background, notable projects completed outside of Fiverr, portfolio of previous work, et al. Explain your creative process in detail by mentioning the software and applications you use while providing the services.

You can also share a little about your business or studio, information about your employees, if any, and the skills they possess. To add value to your Pro verification application, add internal and external weblinks of your work portfolio and share information about your high-profile clients. Sharing your social media accounts will also help you make a good impact. Once submitted, the Fiverr team will evaluate your application form and inform you about your eligibility to post a pro gig.

As a Pro-verified seller, you will have the opportunity to offer your high-quality services to serious and prominent buyers on the platform. 

By far, Fiverr Pro is available only in the following six categories:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Graphic and Design
  3. Music and Audio
  4. Programming and Tech
  5. Video and Animation
  6. Writing and Translation

Fiverr encourages you to apply even for other service categories as it plans to expand the Pro services to other categories as well. You can offer both regular and Pro gigs at the same time once you are approved. Your Fiverr Seller Level badge or existing gigs won’t be impacted after Pro verification. All your old gigs will remain regular ones and cannot be converted to Pro gigs. Therefore, offering something different in your Pro gig is essential to avoid any confusion between your regular and Pro gigs.

Fiverr vs. Fiverr Pro: Difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro

The significant difference between Fiverr and Fiverr Pro lies in the strict verification system followed in the latter. Where Fiverr only verifies the identity of a seller, Fiverr Pro verifies the qualification, skills, and experience of the applicants. Since only the best talent is accepted at Pro, the price tag of Pro gigs is generally higher than the regular ones. The sellers can, therefore, earn more from the Pro gigs. At the same time, buyers are ensured to receive the highest quality services from the Fiverr Pro sellers.


Explanation Video

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fiverr And Its Services

  1. How Do I Start Making Money On Fiverr?

    To get started on Fiverr and begin your money-making journey, all you need is a skill. The moment you identify your skill set, all that is left is setting up an account on Fiverr, publishing a gig, and promoting it. Once the orders pour in, even the last part (promoting the gig) is done by the Fiverr algorithms owing to your popularity.

    TIP: People with more 5-star ratings and/or unique skill sets tend to make more money on Fiverr. Also, just like Instagram or Facebook, choose your hashtags smartly and accurately to land buyers right at your gig.

  2. How Do I Become Successful On Fiverr?

    To be successful on Fiverr, one has to stick to some basics religiously:

    Create an unmissable gig: Anyone can create a gig, but only a few sell, and they are the ones that are professional-looking and unique. Keep the title short and the description detailed. And lastly and most importantly, Fiverr says that video gigs sell 220% faster than the normal ones. 

    Irresistible price: To earn more, bringing in the orders consistently is the only way to achieve it. And to stand out from the swarm of services, keeping the price irresistible lures buyers. 

    Respond quickly: The response rate is displayed on your Fiverr profile and having it at the lower end serves as a huge deterrent for this fast-paced world. So, respond as fast as you can to all the order inquiries and queries of existing buyers. 

    Offer the money back: If you believe in your skillset, consider offering a 100% money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction. This only authenticates your talent and instills buyers’ trust in you, and ensures sure-shot success.

    Ask for reviews: Positive reviews act as a free-marketing technique. With every positive review, your account starts climbing up the ranks of Fiverrs’ algorithms. This cements your position as well as your success on the platform. 

  3. Is It Possible To Make Good Money On Fiverr?

    Yes. There are many success stories on Fiverr that can inspire you to join the platform right away. Where many sellers are earning a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, there is no dearth for the ones making a six-figure income. Read the stories of Charmaine Pocek, a resume writer; Ryan Heenan, a music producer; Redd Horrocks, a voiceover artist; David Feldman, a financial analyst; Levi Newman, a copywriter; and Alex Fasulo – a PR analyst and writer, to get enough motivation.

  4. What Are The Most Popular Jobs On Fiverr?

    There are hundreds of jobs on Fiverr, but the platform itself has declared the following categories as the most popular ones:

    Graphic Design: This has been consistently the most popular job category for years on Fiverr. And the niche has a great scope within. Choose the top-selling sub-category of “logo designing” if you are a pro. Otherwise, opt for the next best “business-card designing” or “brochures and flyers designing”. 

    Video Animation: It’s a visual world, and everything that looks beautiful sells faster. Thus, small as well as big brands are after video animation. It may include the popular whiteboard animation content or social media video content. 

    SEO Expert: SEO is the most prominent tool for any brand to direct traffic to its website. Thus, the huge demand for SEO experts. Suppose you are good at researching SEO keywords or even renting out your subscription-based SEO tools to sellers for data interpretation.

    Content Writing: All websites and blogs need content to keep their visitors entertained. Thus, to cater to millions of them all, content writers are in great demand at Fiverr. But the content isn't only scriptwriting. Proofreading and legal writing also form a great chunk of this category. 

    Coding: The whole internet generation is based on coding. Thus, the demand for coders only increases with more digitization. The niche includes not only website building but also bug fixing in already up and running websites. In addition, mobile games and app development widen the range for coders.

  5. What is Better: Fiverr Or Upwork?

    Both Fiverr and Upwork have ample opportunities for freelancers and buyers of the services as well. But their varying work environments might deliver varying results.

    If you are a new seller and lack any experience, Fiverr is a great place to test the waters. Also, it helps to build a client base even when you have none. And don’t forget the on-the-job training experience when you are starting from zero.

    Also, Fiverr is great when you have no prior experience of client interaction. As against Upwork, you don’t need to make a bid or write a cover letter to a prospective client and fear rejection. Rather the buyer seeks you based on your job description, and with each order, you gain confidence.

    Upwork is a great option if you are a seasoned freelancer with years of experience and know-how to pitch your skills to win the bid. 

  6. How Much Money Did I Lose For Commission?

    Fiverr is a commission-based platform, and it not only charges a fixed percentage of commission from those who are earning (sellers) but also from the ones who are looking to get their work done (buyers). So the sellers lose $1 for every $5 gig, i.e., you’ll receive $4 against $5 gig. That comes out to be 20%.

    Hence, Fiverr deducts 20% from every sellers’ earning at the source and then credits the account. And for the buyers, the rate is flat 5% if the order value is above $40 and $2 for orders up to $40.

  7. How Can I Avoid Bad Metrics On Fiverr?

    Bad metrics are like Mondays, and nobody likes them at all. But unlike Mondays, they can be avoided with little extra cautiousness:

    Put a note under your gig “requesting’ the buyers to contact you before placing the order. This way, you’d know if that order is your ball game or not. 

    Communication is the key to knowing your buyers’ expectations of you. Ask as many questions from your gig buyer as you want to clear any doubts. Collect as many details about the buyers; needs as you can.

    Whenever there is a doubt while making the order, send a partial order, say 10-15% completed order to the buyer for feedback. This also makes the buyer feel that you are committed to matching up to his expectations with zero error.

    If all is well in a mid-order-feedback situation, move ahead. But if you feel that the buyer can’t be pleased, request him to cancel the order. A canceled order is better than a bad review. But do not do it often as it would reduce your order completion rate. 

    Most importantly, offer as many free revisions as possible, especially if you’re a new seller. For those who believe ‘Time is Money’ while offering free revisions, you need buyers to earn money, and they’ll pour in only if you have good ratings and a considerable amount of work done under your belt. 

    Be the most polite person in the world while talking to your buyer, even if the other person is rude. And when the buyer is rude for no reason from the very beginning, DO NOT TAKE THE JOB. More often than not, such buyers tend to leave negative reviews even if they are satisfied with the job. 

  8. What Are Fiverr Tests?

    Aim of Fiverr Tests: 
    Just like the competitor's top-rated freelancing websites, Fiverr also introduced tests to verify the sellers’ skills. The aim is to instill confidence in the buyers about the basic skills of the seller in the concerned niche. Depending on the seller’s niche, the tests may range from basic language to more technical ones like Adobe After Effects. 

    Fiverr Tests Basics: 
    Each test is of 40 minutes and has a minimum pass percentage of 60%. The score is displayed on your profile for everyone to see. And to prevent sellers from resorting to cheating, Fiverr doesn’t allow you to leave the window once you enter the test. 

    Fiverr Tests myth: 
    There is a myth that clearing these tests or passing them with high scores helps the seller climb up the Fiverr algorithm to help earn orders. The fact is farthest from this: the buyers would only know the sellers’ test clearance and rating after landing on their profile. It is just an additional effort to vet your skillset as good or bad.

  9. What Are Payment & Withdrawal Methods Available on Fiverr?

    Fiverr Payment Methods:
    There are multiple payment options available for the buyers on Fiverr. Apart from the basic PayPal, credit/debit card, and trusted digital wallets available worldwide, some payment options are area-specific, like GiroPay in Germany, Boleto in Brazil, iDeal in the Netherlands, etc. 

    Fiverr Withdrawal Methods: 
    Just like payment, Fiverr offers varied withdrawal methods for the convenience of the seller as well. Whereas Paypal and local bank transfer options are available worldwide, some options like Direct Deposit via Payoneer are available in the US only. Also, you can use Payoneer’s Fiverr Revenue Card for withdrawing credits in all the countries except Russia and India. 

  10. What is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

    Fiverr has a business that doesn’t need you to showcase any other skill of yours’ than blogging and promoting it for avid affiliate marketers. One can start earning from referrals right away after having fulfilled the following:

    Become an affiliate on the platform by filling the affiliate signup page. You’d need a website or blog where you generally promote your other affiliate products. After reviewing your signup application, Fiverr would respond with a yes or no as per its regulations. 

    And if it’s a yes, you can start promoting Fiverr on your blog or website by sharing your affiliate link via content specially procured for the platform. 

    Fiverr offers various commission structures to its affiliates. They are:

    It is meant for all Fiverr services and can help you earn anywhere between $15 to $50 per action.

    Fiverr Pro 
    It is meant for all the conversions into a Fiverr Pro account and will earn you a commission of $150.

    Fiverr Learn 
    It will earn you a commission on every course ordered via your referral link and help you make 30% of every course order.

    Fiverr Workspace (formerly AND CO.) 
    The conversion of this referral type would again help you earn 50% of every Unlimited plan..

    All the commissions earned are withdrawable via Paypal, Payoneer, or bank transfer, depending on the availability. The active options in your country would be automatically displayed at the time of withdrawal. 

    The cookie duration for affiliate earning is 30 days. And, unlike popular belief, becoming an affiliate for the platform comes at no cost. Anyone with an active blog/website can become a Fiverr partner for free. 

    The most significant benefit of becoming a Fiverr affiliate is that you are not limited by your skills and talent but are free to invite people from all service backgrounds to the platform. In addition, inviting freelancers from all spheres of talent increases your chances of earning more from this affiliate program.

  11. Is Fiverr Useful For Business?

    Fiverr has become a blessing for small and micro-businesses. Funds are a premium commodity for such businesses, and they need all the initial setup done at a minimal cost. You can easily take care of this by outsourcing various startup tasks to Fiverr sellers. Whether website development, app development, video or animation, content writing, or proofreading, there are hundreds of services in varying niches and further classification. Thus, the verdict is in favor of “Fiverr is useful for businesses”. Adding to it, Fiverr is constantly introducing new aspects to the platform to help business professionals increase their efficiency. Fiverr Business is one such tool that makes collaboration possible for teams handling projects together.

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