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Tuxedo vs. Suit: Differences, Prices and Occasions

Tuxedo vs. Suit: Tuxedo vs. Suit: What's the difference between tux and suit?

Many people may not know the difference between a tuxedo and a suit, and with the various styles of tuxes, it is becoming even more challenging to tell them apart. When most people imagine tuxedos, they conjure the image of Daniel Craig as James Bond in his black dinner jacket and bowtie. Still, several modern tuxes go beyond the classic black-and-white appearance to incorporate newer styles in gray, navy, or tan.

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Definition, Differences and Similarities

Diamond and moissanite are very similar stones and represent beauty, precision and longevity, but how do we know which is the best for our special occasion? While moissanite can be cut similarly to diamond and is cheaper, they don’t hold quite the prestige as a diamond. A careful eye can tell them apart. Before shopping for the perfect gemstone, let’s discuss the differences between the two.

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