Review Of The Best SEO Reporting Services & Tools In 2023

We compared the Best SEO reporting tools based on the features like keyword research, link building, content analysis, competitor analysis, content marketing, website auditing, social engagement, and much-much more.
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27.07.2023 Update
Updated the plans’ prices for some SEO Reporting Tools. We can see a general cost increase for most of the SEO Tools.
Huge Database
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Our Favorite Go-To & All-in-One SEO Tool with a Huge Database
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$108 – $416
Best Value
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The Complete Toolkit to Perfect Your SEO
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$44 – $191
Seprstat - All-in-One SEO Platform
Speeds Up Search Marketing Goals Achievement
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$50 – $410
Netpeak Software for SEO specialists
Unleashing the Power of SEO
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$0 – $30
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Elevating Your SEO Performance
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$0 – $180+

Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most crucial online marketing units of any organization that needs to prove its online existence over the web as most agencies have started to increase their online presence with the implementation of many strategies using SEO, where they always need to rank their pages better. That’s why SEO Reporting is becoming very relevant daily for keeping track of all the elements that will help rank them in the search engine.

With 15 years of experience in digital marketing and doing SEO for the last 11 years, we can share our professional experience of using different SEO Reporting Tools in practice + our valuable tips. Go to the shortlist!

While certain static elements can be implemented for SEO, many metrics are dynamic, where fine-tuning is needed at regular intervals.

Therefore, real-time analysis of what will or will not work for your site can be considered an excellent way to get the most of the benefits from SEO, along with the help of fast SEO Reporting. 

This article will help you better understand the basic SEO concepts and their importance in online marketing and content marketing inside the digital marketing space. To rely on an SEO Reporting Tool that is too robust and sounds helpful for optimizing your SEO strategies and their implementation. Along with the description of some key factors you need to look for in SEO Reporting Tools, you will learn about the Best SEO Reporting Tools, which will help you make a decent pick.

Here is a short list of the SEO Reporting Tools we prepared for you if you don’t have time to read the full article. No worries; we understand how valuable your time is 😉 

Our Short List Of The Top SEO Reporting Tools In 2022:

  1. Semrush
  2. Two Minutes Reports for Looker Studio
  3. Supermetrics
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Google Search Central
  6. Google Looker Studio, formerly Data Studio
  7. SE Ranking
  9. Ubersuggest
  10. Moz
  11. Ahrefs
  12. GrowthBar
  13. Siteliner
  14. Rival IQ
  15. Nightwatch
  16. KWFinder
  17. NinjaSEO
  18. Dash This
  19. SEO PowerSuite

What is SEO?

When we talk about the Best SEO Reporting Tools, the selection of picking up the best becomes far more manageable if we have a basic understanding of SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process involved in optimizing any web content and its quality on several parameters, which the search engine algorithm uses for ranking the pages better. At the same time, the user gets search results for their search keywords.

This includes various off-page and on-page elements required for improving the usage of parameters like readability, CTR, keyword ranking, page speed, backlinking, domain authority, and much more for ranking sites. 

A notable improvement over these parameters can help rank your site better. Hence, they may also be shown more prominently while searching for a relevant keyword to your business. 

What Is The Importance Of SEO In Digital Marketing?

SEO is classified as one of the most critical factors in digital marketing for your product, content, service, or various other elements in the digital space. It doesn’t matter if your product, service, or content is excellent unless you don’t see them in the first few page results while doing a Google search. Ignoring this can reduce the probability of the user landing on your site. 

Now, this is 2022, and organic search competition has drastically increased. Whether you are an agency worker or you are working as an individual. Selecting the best SEO reporting tool will give you an advantage for the SEO needs of you or your agency.

When we take the help of SEO reporting tools, it gives us all the on-page and off-page insights needed for reaching the results faster. If we are doing SEO Reporting, we get the tactics that are working along with an idea of where you have to spend depending on your marketing budget.

Also, you get an idea of where you should stop wasting resources and cash on strategies that are not effectively working for your agency or business. Apart from this, you can use your reports to convince and impress the stakeholders if you are a service provider or your clients. 

We have some good news! There are various SEO reporting tools from which we can choose. These tools give you multiple functionalities that significantly differ from each other, and we also need to find the correct SEO reporting tools which match your SEO strategies. Below you’ll find some of our favorites, the best SEO reporting tools to consider.

The critical point here is that you should constantly be monitoring your SEO performance and also should be able to change your SEO strategies in such a way that it should benefit the digital presence of your content.

Yes, some elements can be shared for all, but the dependency is more on your particular brand and how it will go on performance where it should be gaining most of the organic traffic.

The Best SEO Reporting Tools can help modify this process with active keyword research, visitors, and critical website conversion metrics. It is essential to keep track of your SEO KPIs, and you also need an effective tool for helping you out with the tracking and creation of detailed reports that are sharable with your clients and stakeholders. 

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Essential Factors To Look On For Selecting The Best Seo Reporting Tools 

While searching for the Best SEO Reporting Tool for your content, here we have listed some important factors that you should be looking out for to get the best pick:

  • Ensuring the tool has a better range of basic features needed for reporting, like position tracking, backlink tracking, backlinks monitoring, competitor data tracking, and different analytics / SEO KPIs.
  • Choosing a tool that is ideal per your preferred demographics and also brings accurate local listings and regional data for your target regions. For example, suppose you’re running a local business or have a lot of clients with local businesses. In that case, you’re definitely interested in a tool that is able to track your keywords positions in particular locations.
  • Trying to lean towards the tools that allow all the required third-party integrations and those that are easily scalable also at a later stage with some new software or services/tools that you’re using in your day-to-day tasks.
  • Tools that can cater to some of the custom reporting for some of your specific causes and allowing to easily export these reports automatically definitely have a better edge over the others.
  • Additional features like white label reporting, client integration, quality resource, and export access, which are unrestricted, can simplify the SEO implementation and its improvement process. 

18 Best SEO Reporting Tools

Here we have listed down The Best SEO Reporting Tools, Free and Paid, from which you can take help depending on your specific use cases:



A winner and our favorite go-to & all-in-one SEO reporting tool Home Page

Semrush is a comprehensive SEO Reporting and Analysis tool for doing SEO Reporting, analysis, and exploring some significant insights needed for your marketing. With a wide variety of reports and insights on SEO, campaign management, keyword research, competitive research, Content Marketing metrics, and SMM, SEMrush can be used as a tool that covers all site auditing and SEO analysis reporting as a single unit. Its purchasing price ranges from $108 to $416 per month. It also offers some of the best backlinking, integration, and analytics features and is very good for someone searching for a complete SEO package.

Try Semrush
Try all Semrush features for FREE.

Find the best plan that suits your needs with a Free trial or even a Free plan.



Get all your SEO reporting data into a Looker Studio dashboard
Supermetrics Home Page - Difference101
Supermetrics Home Page

Supermetrics is not a typical SEO reporting tool. However, it is used to gain access to the data you need to pull into your preferred software for reporting. Supermetrics provides data integrations for Google Sheets, Google Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), BigQuery, Google Analytics, Amazon SE, Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Azure Storage, JSON API, Google Cloud Storage, Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Google Ads, Google My Business, Shopify, Instagram Insights, Ahrefs, AdRoll, Adobe Analytics, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Pages, Hubspot, Apple Search Ads, Pininterest Ads, Moz, JSON/CSV/XML, etc. At the same time, it is not as easy as some of the other dedicated SEO reporting tools as you need to set up the integrations here. Supermetrics provides various ways to gain access to the parameters you may not be able to access directly without it. The pricing for Supermetrics ranges as per the dependency on the Supermetrics product.

For example, the cost of Google Looker Studio for Supermetrics comes to around $90 per month, which is billed annually for a particular data source, and about $120 per month for about 10 data sources, and also a few other packages for some more data sources and the user limits. Supermetrics also offers a free trial of 14 days as per the product.


Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio

TMR is a powerful & cheaper alternative to Supermetrics
Two Minutes Reports for Looker Studio Home Page Difference 101
Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio Home Page

Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio is an easy-to-use SEO reporting tool that helps you get your data into Looker Studio, formerly Data Studio. All you need to do is connect Two Minute Reports with your data sources, and then you can start creating beautiful dashboards in minutes.

With Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio, you can easily connect with Google Analytics 4, Google Analytics Universal, Google My Business, Page Speed Insights, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Chrome UX, App Store, Facebook Ads, MySQL, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Shopify, any JSON API, and other data sources to create complete dashboards.

It’s also a cheaper alternative to Supermetrics, and it provides free migration support from Supermetrics for users who want to migrate and save money.

The Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio pricing plans range from only $5 to $49 per month. It also offers a very flexible free trial with the possibility to cancel or switch plans at any time.

No coding skills are required. No need to install the software. No technical skills are required. With the Two Minute Reports for Looker Studio (Data Studio), you can automate your loading and creation of new reports from different data sources. After creating the report in Looker Studio, you can schedule it to be created automatically.

We’re extensively using this SEO reporting tool to build different SEO & SEA dashboards for our multiple projects and websites.


Google Analytics (Free & Paid)

The most used SEO reporting tool in the world
Google Analytics Home Page - Difference 101
Google Analytics Home Page Dashboard

Google, the tech giant itself, provides some of the best SEO Reporting Tools and features, like Google Analytics. Some of the advanced paid features are for optimal use only. However, you can always use a major part of Google Analytics SEO Reporting features for free. Some of its reporting features include audience monitoring, real-time activity monitoring, behavior, acquisition, and other reporting features that you can customize according to your requirement. To get started with SEO research analysis with no budget, Google Analytics can prove to be a promising tool. 


Google Search Central (Free)

The must-have free SEO reporting tool for every marketer
Google Search Central Home Page - Difference 101
Google Search Central Home Page

Google has yet another tool called Search Central (now) or Google’s Webmaster (earlier). It is also one of the official platform guides for helping your content to be discoverable with your Google Search keywords. It is also providing some specific features for the improvement of the SEO of your site as a developer, SEO professional, and business marketer. You can monitor the performance of your website with the help of the Search Console. You can also monitor the website’s performance and do site optimization and debugging free of cost. It is one of the preferred no-cost tools for starting with the Reporting analysis of the SEO strategies for your site content performance.

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Google Looker Studio (Free & Paid), formerly Data Studio

A real-time Dashboard for your SEO metrics
Google Looker Studio Home Page - Difference 101
Google Looker Studio Home Page

If we talk about Google Looker Studio, formerly Google Data Studio, we may find that it offers some very robust features needed for SEO Reporting. It can be considered another option for very advanced and featureful data analysis. Especially for reporting, it offers an excellent interface. You can also build interactive reports and dashboards per the requirement for your site’s performance, along with some SEO-friendly data for improving the search engine ranking as well as the performance of your business site. If you own a business that depends on data metrics from multiple sources, then Looker Studio by Google can be a good fit for your online business presence.


SE Ranking

A powerful SEO reporting & analysis tool
SE Ranking Home Page - Difference 101
SE Ranking Home Page

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool trusted by over 500 000 customers worldwide. It boasts a user-friendly dashboard, detailed data, and seamless integration with Google Analytics. All in premium quality and at a bargain price!

SE Ranking’s intelligent SEO reporting system allows you to view, track, and analyze website analytics and SEO metrics from a single dashboard and instantly get actionable SEO recommendations. It gives you a complete overview of your website rankings across the search engines, allows you to track your website’s ranking, link-building, traffic, and visitors, and makes it easy to improve them.

The price starts from about $39 per month and is based on the rankings check frequency and some other factors.


Ubersuggest (Free & Paid)

An SEO tool with Free, Paid & Lifetime plans
Ubersuggest Home Page - Difference 101
Ubersuggest Home Page

Ubersuggest is a powerful tool for SEO marketers, webmasters, and website owners. Ubersuggest proposes powerful SEO Reporting Tools like Keyword Ranking report & suggestions Backlinks Report and Content Report, which helps you track your positions and get some insightful information and opportunities. You can also analyze your competitors’ top-performing content and make some very interesting analyses.

Ubersuggest proposes a Free plan, and their paid plans start from $29 per month. They also propose a lifetime plan that, in some cases, could be quite interesting for solopreneurs or some marketers and site owners with a couple of websites.



A complete SEO reporting tool
MOZ Home Page - Difference 101
Moz Home Page

Moz can also be considered a complete SEO Reporting Tool that will help in monitoring your website’s ranking, traffic, and visibility. You can also access some of the fundamental features required for SEO data, along with some of its advanced features like backlink analysis, site audits, keyword research, and rank tracking if you opt for Moz Pro. Moz has various plans under its belt, ranging from $99/month, which is the standard plan to $599/month which is chargeable for the Premium plan. To track the site issues as the top priority and ranking while doing multiple searches, Moz can be a valuable pick as your SEO reporting tool. 



A very powerful and complete all-in-one SEO reporting tool
Ahrefs Home Page - Difference 101
Ahrefs Home Page

Ahrefs is also considered one of the best SEO Reporting Tools for some advanced SEO features like keyword generator, backlink checker, power insights, traffic insights, and some rank analysis with the help of a complete toolset. It also offers some common SEO issues analysis and site auditing while keeping a synchronous track of your SEO issues and their health metrics. Ahrefs offers attractive pricing plans ranging from $99/month for the Lite plan to $999/month for the Agency plan. 

Since the recent updates, it should be noted that, like some other alternatives like SE Ranking and Semrush, Ahrefs offers capabilities for comprehensive reporting and integrations with tools like Google Looker Studio, etc.



Content analysis & SEO reporting tool with AI
Growthbar Home Page - Difference 101
Growthbar Home Page

GrowthBar is an SEO Reporting Tool that helps analyze competitors, keywords, backlinks, and other metrics required to grow your online content on the digital web. It also offers some of the best insights through interactive and intuitive dashboards and data from proper keyword research, Google Ads, and other sources to help you strategize your specific SEO plan. It also offers various plans ranging from $29/month to $129/month for the Agency plan. GrowthBar also allows some easy exports of data in CSV format, which can prove essential for some use cases.

Siteliner Home Page - Difference101
Siteliner Home Page

Siteliner is one of the most preferred and best SEO Reporting Tools that help fulfill the important tasks of finding all the content that is duplicated on your site, with proper pinpointing of the ranking, redirection reporting, and broken links. You can also access some of the most robust sitemaps of XML and also make some easy identification of the existing issues. Its invention was done by the ones who are the creators of Copyscape. Siteliner also offers a similar type of premium and free service, pricing according to the total number of scanned pages. Therefore, it can prove to be an excellent fit for all who need improvement in the specific target areas while implementing their SEO strategies. 


Rival IQ

A Social Media Reporting Tool (also important for SEO)
RivalIQ Home Page - Difference 101
Rival IQ Home Page

Rival IQ is again an important advanced tool that is used for social media Marketing Analytics. It always gives a competitive edge to you with all your Content marketing and SEO Reporting Tools. It also brings out some information for relevant competitors to help gain vital social insights and plan your digital strategy accordingly. The chargeable price to use Rival IQ ranges from  $199/month to $499/month, according to the number of competitors you want to track. If your SEO strategy gives importance to competitor insights information, then Rival IQ can be a perfect choice for your social media content.



A primary SEO reporting tool for rank tracking
Nightwatch Home Page - Difference 101
Nightwatch Home Page

Nightwatch is another primary SEO tool used as a rank tracker. Its interface is straightforward to use, and it also has some great reporting features. Its integration capabilities with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Google Looker Studio are also available. Some of the agency reporting level white label options available for agency reporting are also done with its help. If you have a requirement for a very accurate and solid rank tracker (apart from the complete platform one), then Nightwatch can be considered a great option that is very cost-effective.

The Nightwatch pricing plans range from only $39 to $369 for the optimized one and its custom plans in between. It also offers a 14-day free trial for you.



A great SEO reporting tool for long-tail keywords analysis
Mangools KWFinder Home Page - Difference 101
Mangools KWFinder Home Page

KWFinder is also one of the preferred SEO Reporting Tools developed by Mangools. It provides some very exciting functionalities, including SERP Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracking, and SEO Insights and Metrics. The basic plans for Mangools start from $29/month and go to $79/month for the Agency plan. Hence, it is a very effective one. In addition, the KWFinder has a feature where you can check out the SEO ranking of your competitors. To get deeper over KWfinder, you can click here.

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Another All-in-One SEO reporting tool
NinjaSEO Home Page - Difference 101
NinjaSEO Home Page

NinjaSEO is another complete SEO Tool that uses Keyword Ranking, Website Crawler, Website auditing, On-page grading, Link Tracking, Link Tracking, and Backlinks analysis that helps users improve the website’s rankings inside the search engines. This software assigns a grade for every page of the website, which is based on how good the optimization has been done for search engines, and then also provides some feedback for the improvement of the page’s ranking. It also consists of an SEO chrome extension which helps in crawling instantly and for easy grading. NinjaSEO is also included in 500 different apps, which offers an all-in-one business suite consisting of more than 37 apps at $14.99, and it is also free for the first ten users.



An automated reporting tool for different marketing data
DashThis Home Page - Difference 101
DashThis Home Page

DashThis is an SEO Reporting tool that is used for the creation of automated marketing reports and dashboards. It integrates with more than 34 most popular marketing tools by giving the option the connection of all tools into one particular report. If you want, you can add your data also using the integration feature of Google Sheets or upload the CSV files.

Some of the common examples of built-in dashboard integrations used for SEO reporting are Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Business manager and Insights, LinkedIn Ads and pages, Instagram Ads, Twitter, Google Search Console, YouTube, Semrush, Google My Business, Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, Mailchimp, Bing Ads, Google Sheets, CallRail, Shopify, etc. You can save a reasonable amount of time on your SEO reporting if you choose from preset report templates available in wide varieties, preset widgets, custom templates, cloning options, and more. Dash This also provides a very versatile dashboard that contains a report builder with a brilliant design that can be used for SEO reporting and also create many digital marketing reports of different types. You can share the reports created in Dash via URL, PDF files, or as an email attachment. The price range for Dash ranges from $39 per month for the individual plan to $399 per month for the standard one. If you opt for yearly subscriptions, then you may get a discount of up to 15%. It also gives you the option of creating 1,2, or 3 dashboards with the Individual plan only, ten dashboards with the Professional plan, 25 dashboards with the Business plan, and more than 50 dashboards if you opt for the Standard plan. Suppose you want access to different white-labeled dashboards. In that case, you need to opt for the professional plan or a higher one, where you also get the option for the use of a custom domain, a dedicated account manager, and a custom email. All these plans are inclusive of unlimited integrations, unlimited users, all features of a dashboard, as well as some custom dashboard templates. Dash This also offers a free trial for 15-days.


SEO PowerSuite

It also has some SEO reporting tools
SEO PowerSuite Home Page - Difference 101
SEO PowerSuite Home Page

SEO PowerSuite has four tools inside it: WebSite Auditor, Rank Tracker, and SEO SpyGlass for checking backlinks. There is one more feature called LinkAssistant, which is needed for the outreach of link-building. Every tool has some inbuilt reports and some modules where you can get some results for your SEO tasks which are outlined in your nice-looking SEO reports. There are customizable reporting templates; you can also use your company logo for your branding.

The SEO PowerSuite markets the SEO Reporting Software, and there are three pricing plans for it. If we talk about the Free edition, then you are only able to view the reports which are inside the tool. You can download PDF format reports in the Professional edition, which costs $299 annually. In contrast, the Enterprise plan, which comes at $699 per year, lets you perform complete SEO agency workflow, from running automated checkups to sending the SEO alerts and reports straight to the e-mail if needed.

Final Words 

After this detailed research on the Best SEO Reporting Tools, we can conclude that you can always find and choose an SEO Reporting Tool to fit all the customs requirements you may ever need for the tracking, monitoring, and derivation of proper content for your online business. You can also decide on how frequently you need third-party integrations and use other independent platforms to implement SEO, per your report. While you can make a start along with the fundamentals, You can also use a combination of the SEO reporting platforms and tools mentioned above to cover various types of requirements needed for a search engine ranking that is appropriately optimized. Extracting complex data from sources of free data trees is challenging. This is where you should pick the best SEO reporting tool to get the maximum out of it!

Video – Best SEO Reporting Tools

7 SEO reporting tools You must use for your website

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Do We Need The Best SEO Reporting Tools?

    We need the best SEO Reporting Tools for a better online presence and ranking of our websites in the digital space.

  • What Do The SEO Reporting Tools Do?

    The job of different SEO Reporting Tools is to help you make and improve your SEO strategies that will give the best results for ranking your online content.

  • When Should We Opt For Free SEO Reporting Tools?

    We should opt for free SEO Reporting Tools when the need is limited to fewer users and less content. However, if that is not the case and we need SEO strategies to be done for your business or agency, then you can opt for the paid ones depending upon your requirements. In any case, for any business to be successful, you’ll have to use both, Free and Paid.

  • Which Is Considered The Best SEO Reporting Tool That Is Free?

    Google Search Central or Google Analytics are considered the best SEO Reporting Tools that are free to use as they have been tried and tested over the years and are very easy to use.

  • Which SEO Reporting Tool Is Used For Technical Research For Our SEO Strategies?

    We can use Google Search Central, Semrush, Screaming Frog, and Looker for technical SEO research, analysis, and reporting because they are compatible with multiple specialized SEO tools and can monitor different SEO technical metrics.



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