???? King Crown vs. Queen Crown ????: What is the Difference between King Crown and Queen Crown?

Let’s discover the major difference between Queen Crown and King Crown, their Similarities, Pros & Cons, and answer some FAQs you need to know.
???? King Crown vs Queen Crown: 7 Key Differences To Know

The crowns of a king and a queen differ both in their appearances and purposes. The biggest king crown vs. queen crown difference can be seen in the center stone. A king’s crown features a green Tourmaline while a queen’s crown bears a huge amethyst. A king crown is also bigger than a queen crown.

Taking a closer look at kings crown vs. queens crown here:

WeightThe king crown is heavier than the queen crown
DimensionsThe king crown is higher and broader than the queen crown
ArchesThe arches of a queen’s crown do not rise but of king’s crown do
Center stoneBoth the crowns bear different center stones

What is a King Crown?

A king crown is worn by a ruling king and features a green Tourmaline as the center stone. It has 8 hoops that rise from the ring to form a single-rounded dome. It is majorly made from 20-karat gold but also features assorted gemstones and pearls.  

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What is a Queen Crown?

A queen crown is worn by the ruling queen and features a huge Amethyst as the central stone. It has 8 hoops joining at the top forming a unique curve. It is majorly made from silver with gold gildings but also features pearls, amethysts, topazes, et al.

Queen vs. King Crown Similarities Explained

  • Both king and queen crowns have a purple velvet material as the main fabric on the cap.
  • The purple velvet fabric on both the crowns is embroidered with real pearls. 
  • Both the crowns have eight loops at the base of the crown rising upwards. 
  • Both the crowns are studded with assorted gemstones.

7 Key Points of Difference between King and Queen Crowns That Must Be Considered

There are some key king vs. queen crown differences that are listed here:

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BasisKing CrownQueen Crown
Arch TypeThe arches of a king’s crown rise to the center. The arches of a queen’s crown do not risen but are depressed.
TopThe top of the king’s crown is in the form of a single-rounded dome.The top of a queen’s crown is curved uniquely.
Center StoneGreen Tourmaline, usually, is the center stone in the king’s crown.A huge Amethyst tends to be the central stone in a queen’s crown. 
MaterialA king’s crown is made majorly from 20-karat gold.A queen’s crown is made from silver with gold gildings.
Honored asA king’s crown is called the Imperial Crown. A queen’s crown is called the Royal Crown.
WeightA king’s crown is heavy and can weigh around 1.5 kilograms.A queen’s crown weighs around 0.5 kilograms.
DimensionsA king’s crown is larger in terms of height and diameter.A queen’s crown is smaller in diameter and shorter. 

Comparison Chart

Let’s discover the major difference between Queen Crown and King Crown, their Similarities, Pros & Cons, and answer some FAQs you need to know.

Comparison Video

Difference Between King Crown and Queen Crown

King Crown and Queen Crown FAQ

What does a King and Queen Crown Look Like?

A king’s crown is dome-shaped with its arches arising to the center while a queen’s crown is uniquely curved with depressed arches. Where a king’s crown majorly features 20-karat gold, a queen’s crown is made from silver with gold gildings. 

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What are the Different Types of Royal Crowns?

There are three different types of royal crowns:

  1. The Coronation Crown- This is a crown specially made for the coronation ceremony and is worn by monarchs when they are crowned for the first time. 
  2. The State Crown- This crown is worn by the monarchs during all their state appearances.
  3. The Consort Crown- This crown is for the consort of the monarchs. The wife of a reigning king wears this crown while appearing alongside the king. It represents the constitutional protocol of the consort just like the one otherwise granted to the ‘First Lady’ in non-monarch country setups.

What is a Female Crown Called?

A female crown is called a Royal Crown.

What is Queen Elizabeth Crown Worth? 

Made up of precious metals and studded with rare stones, diamonds, and rubies, the crown of Queen Elizabeth is supposedly valued at nearly $4.5 million. (Ref. 1)

What is the Oldest Crown?

The Palatine Crown of Princess Blanche of England is the oldest in the world. It dates back to around 1370-80. (Ref. 2)

Did Kings Always Wear Crowns?

No. Kings wear crowns only at state appearances and other such important public occasions. 

What is the Difference Between a Tiara and a Crown?

  • A tiara is semi-circular and covers just half the head. Whereas a crown is circular and covers the head completely.
  • A tiara is usually worn by females whereas a crown can be worn both by males or females. 
  • A tiara isn’t studded with precious gemstone whereas a crown is elaborate with precious and rare gemstones.
  • One doesn’t have to be a royal to wear a tiara. Beauty pageant winners and brides usually wear them across the globe. But a crown is a representation of authority and is, thus, generally worn by monarchs only.

Who is the Poorest Royal?

The king of Norway is the poorest royal on the earth. The whole royal family favors a modest life over a lavish life funded from taxpayers’ money. (Ref. 3)

The Final Words

A king and queen crown greatly differ in their appearance, size, and weight. A king’s crown is bigger and heavier than a queen’s crown. It has 8 hoops that rise to the center from the crown ring to form a single-rounded dome. On the other hand, a queen’s crown has 8 hoops that form a unique curve by joining at the top. The center stone of the king’s crown is green Tourmaline while that of a queen’s crown is a huge Amethyst. Where a king’s crown is majorly made from 20-karat gold, a queen’s crown is majorly made from silver with gold gildings.


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