Motel vs. Hotel: What is the difference between Motel and Hotel?

Motel vs. Hotel: Discover their Differences, Similarities, as well as their Pros & Cons. We also will answer some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ).
Motel vs. Hotel: Differences, Similarities, Pros & Cons

Motel vs. Hotel: you may find several differences in the building, layout, and location of hotels and motels. The most significant hotel and the motel difference lies in the facilities offered by these establishments. Where hotels offer advanced facilities like a gym or a banquet hall to enrich your stay, motels are known to provide only the basic amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Defining the two to help you determine an establishment to be a hotel or motel

What is the Hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment offering accommodation facilities to the general public. It generally provides multiple additional amenities to the lodgers for a comfortable stay.

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What is a Motel?

A motel is a commercial establishment offering accommodation facilities primarily to motorists and usually have rooms opening directly into the common parking area.

Listing the similarities between a hotel and a motel for clarity

  • Both a hotel and a motel offer accommodation facilities to the general public in exchange for a price.
  • You may find them in both urban and rural areas.
  • They have multiple floors with a large number of rooms for lodging.

Considering motel vs. hotel pros and cons for better understanding

Pros of hotel

  • They offer additional facilities like in-house restaurants, pools, banquet halls, etc., for making your stay more comfortable.
  • They are usually located in the metropolitan areas close to the markets and tourist attractions.

Cons of hotel

  • They are usually expensive for the facilities they offer.
  • They are built modern and lack the aspects of local culture.

Pros of motel

  • They are generally less expensive.
  • It is more likely to have a room close to your vehicle since motels are built for the convenience of the motorists.

Cons of motel

  • They offer fewer amenities.
  • Since they are built on the roadside for the convenience of the motorists, they might be noisy depending on the road traffic.
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What is the purpose of a motel?

The word ‘motel’ is short for ‘motorists’ hotel’ and was originally built for people on short-term or long-term motor travels. It provided the much-needed parking space for these travelers. These days, motels serve the purpose of providing accommodation with basic amenities to tourists, travelers, and the general public at large.

Why are motels cheaper than hotels?

Motels are generally cheaper than hotels as they offer only the very basic amenities for lodgers. Advanced facilities like a swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, etc., are usually not available.

How long can you stay in a motel?

There are no legal restrictions on staying in a motel for long periods. So, you can enjoy a motel stay for as long as you desire.

Are motels safe?

Motels are as safe as hotels in normal circumstances. During the pandemic situation, motels are even safer than hotels as there are fewer common places in such establishments. Choose a motel that follows all the precautions to keep the travelers safe, and you’ll be good to go.

Is it possible to stay in a motel for a few hours?

An hourly stay in a motel can be secured at the sole discretion of the motel manager. You must have a word with the person-in-charge well in advance.

What floor is safest in a hotel?

Generally, the floors above the first one can be accessed only via your room’s key card, making them safer than the first floor. Staying at the second, third, fourth, and even fifth floor is safe since firefighters can easily access them in an emergency.

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How do I choose a good hotel?

Choosing a good hotel depends on your destination and the purpose of your visit. If you are on a business trip, try to consider a hotel with a conference room, meeting room, or whatever your current needs are. If you are planning a vacation alone or with friends or family, look out for a hotel that is close to the tourist attractions. Also, finding a hotel that offers additional services like an on-demand taxi, a desert safari tour, water sports, etc., will enrich your stay further.

What do we call the best room in a hotel?

The best and most luxurious room in a hotel is generally called the royal suite or presidential suite.

Is an inn a hotel or a motel?

An inn is neither a hotel nor a motel. Considering hotel vs. motel vs. inn features, a hotel provides much more facilities than the other two. A motel and an inn offer basic food and lodging facilities. Still, a motel generally features larger rooms and is built on purpose for a commercial establishment. An inn, on the other hand, is usually an old house converted to a lodging facility and offers limited provisions of food.

Should I book directly with a hotel? 

Yes, it is always better to book with a hotel directly since a hotel will normally favor a direct reservation customer. However, it might not always be the case. The indirect booking requires the hotels to pay a commission that turns out to be a less profitable deal for them. 

Are you differentiating between a hotel and a motel?

Let’s take a look at this in-depth comparison table to answer this question.

PurposeIt is built for vacationers, tourists, travelers, and business persons.It was traditionally built for motorists but can be accessed by the general public these days.
SizeIt is generally huge.It is usually smaller than a hotel.
PriceIt is expensive.It is cheaper.
Amenities offeredIt offers extensive food and lodging facilities.It offers limited food and lodging facilities.
Number of floorsYou will usually find a large number of floors.It generally has fewer floors.

Comparison Chart

Motel vs. Hotel: Discover their Differences, Similarities, as well as their Pros & Cons. We also will answer some of your frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Comparison Video

Difference Between Hotel And Motel

Which is better, a Hotel or a Motel?

Depending on your purpose and budget, one can be better than the other for an individual. If you need additional facilities and do not mind paying hefty charges, a hotel is a better choice for you. If you are looking for a budget option or just require the basic amenities, go for a motel.

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