380 mm

If we look at 380 mm meaning: it is straight-walled pistol ammunition which is mostly used by the members of the American police and military as ammunition for their backup weapons. This ammunition was primarily used for self-defense by the civilians, which found it very easy to conceal and hold a good amount of rounds. No doubt that the cartridge of 380 mm is compact and light, but it offers a short range and less stopping power as compared to the other modern cartridges. 380 mm are usually used by people who prefer a lightweight, small handgun with manageable recoil. The wounding potential of the bullet depends upon the bullet energy, penetration depth and expanded diameter. The bullet energy of a 380 mm bullet is 190 to 220 feet per pound-force. And its penetration depth ranges from 6.5 to 17 inches. This ammunition was also used by Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his spouse Sophia at the event during World War I.

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