If we look at the i7 meaning, it is an Intel processor which is available in quad-core, hex-core and dual-core processor architectures. This processor utilizes several micro-architectures, including Clarksfield, Lynnfield, Arrandale, Gulftown and Bloomfield. This processor can also be installed into multiple devices like desktops, mobiles and embedded devices. Core i7 is the fastest version of all the intel processors for the computer and other devices. This processor also has Intel Turbo Boost Technology like the Intel core i5. And two to six core varieties which support twelve different threads. The clock speed of Core i7 can be from 1.70 GHz to 3.90 GHz, with memory up to 12 MB. The thermal design power of this processor can be from 15 watts TDP to 130-watt TDP. Similar to the other intel core processors, core i7 also supports the error correction code, intel platform, and memory protection.

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