If we look at Indycar meaning: It is a motorsport series which races primarily in America, with just one race in Canada. There have been various races of Indycar in Australia, Brazil, and Japan as well, but those were not part of the regular season. In 2022, there were 17 races of Indycar in the USA, at Detroit and Texas. Featuring 24 to 25 drivers. Some of the drivers had different color schemes according to every race. The tyres were supplied by Firestone and feature different dry-weather compounds. Wet tyres were also available for road courses and streets. Indycars have a twin turbocharger system, and their engines have a capability of between 550-700 BHP. Tracks of IndyCar start at less than 1 mile, and if it is a low speedway, 0.8 miles in length. It goes all the way to over 4 miles with the Road America track.

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