If we look at the J-tube meaning, it is a feeding tube inserted into the middle part of the small intestine to provide the necessary nutrition and medication. J-tubes are not as commonly used as G-tubes due to different kinds of obstructions like anatomical issues. It is also not easy to change the J-tube at home. Therefore it is preferred for permanent uses. This tube can sometimes be changed at home, but radiology is required for the replacement. There are various methods through which a J-tube can be inserted into the small intestine. Some common procedures include open surgery, gastric bypass, and percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy. J-tubes are used for patients with chronic vomiting, high risk of respiration, and low gastric motility. J-tubes are also inserted in patients where G-tubes can not work. But a J-tube can cause more problems than a G-tube, like irritation and granulation of tissues.

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