Left Twix

If we look at Left Twix meaning: it is a chocolate candy of the Twix, which is covered in chocolate with drizzled caramel and a crunchy cookie inside, which makes it sweet and crunchier. It contains an added layer of caramel and has a lighter cookie to absorb that caramel inside. It has a white label with “Left Twix” written in Red Color. The left Twix ingredient list contains Milk Chocolate, Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, Skim Milk, Dextrose, Cocoa Powder, sugar, Lactose, Milk Fat, Folic Acid, Palm Oil and a little bit of Salt. In the coating of Left Twix, the caramel Cascades on the cookie. Left Twix is slightly more popular among people as it is crunchier and sweeter than Right Twix.

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