If we look at manatees meaning: it is a large, fully aquatic herbivore marine mammal, also known as sea cows. There are accepted three living species of this mammal, West Indian manatees, West African manatees, and Amazonian manatees. Manatees are larger and measure up to 4 meters in length and 590 kilograms in weight. These mammals are pure herbivores and depend upon freshwater and saltwater plants. Manatees are found in the marshy coastal area, shallow areas of West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Amazon basin. This mammal is close to extinction due to various reasons. The main reason behind many deaths of manatees is human-related issues, including human objects and habitat destruction by humans. Some manatees have more than 50 scars on their bodies from blades. There are some natural causes of their deaths as well. Like, as disease, adverse temperature, or predation by large crocodiles.

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