If we look at taper meaning: it is a cut which keeps your hair short on the sides and long on the top. In taper cut, the hair gets shorter as you move down to the back and sides of the head. And the hairline will have the shortest hair. This cut provides a clean finish as the hair is cut evenly and gets shorter. Taper works for those who want a classic look and does not leave hair too short. This cut also gives the opportunity to try different styles as your hair grows. There are a lot of hairstyles which have taper haircut styles in them. Some common taper styles are: “Low taper”; in this, the hair gets shorter above the ears. This cut can give a clean look without cutting too much hair length. Or “High taper”, in this cut, the hair is shortened an inch above the low taper. This style often mixes with other cuts to create a combo.

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