What Is The Difference Between 7 Up And Sprite?

7 Up vs. Sprite: Let's find out the differences, similarities, ingredients, Pros & Cons, and finally, which is better?
7 Up vs. Sprite: What's The Difference?

7 Up vs. Sprite is a long battle because both of the soft drinks are based on almost the same formulas but different salts. 7 Up is a lime soft beverage offered by Pepsi cola company, and the sprite is another lime-based soft drink offered by a competitor, Coca-Cola company. 

Further defining 7Up vs. Sprite for a better understanding 

What is 7 Up? 

A colorless soda drink based on non-caffeinated lemon and lime flavors, produced by PepsiCo company in 1929. 

What is Sprite? 

A colorless soda drink based on non-caffeinated lemon and lime flavors, produced by Coca-Cola as a competitor to 7 Up in the year 1961. 

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Bringing the pros and cons of 7Up vs. sprite to light 

Pros of 7 UpCons of 7 Up
7 Up is made with 100% natural preservatives. 7 Up has the least market share compared to other soft beverages. 
It is good for an upset stomach. It tastes bitter and hard to gulp in large amounts. 
It uses potassium salt formula, which is good for health.  
Pros of Sprite Cons of Sprite 
Sprite has a sweeter taste. Sprite contains larger quantities of artificial preservatives. 
Sprite is stronger than 7 Up. Sprite uses sodium salt formula that can be harmful to health. 
Sprite has a larger international market share.

What are the similarities between 7 Up and Sprite?

  • Both 7 Up and Sprite are lemon and lime-based drinks. 
  • Both are soda beverages.  
  • Both are colorless sodas. 
  • Both are based on caffeine-free formulas. 

Bringing out the Seven Up vs. Sprite differences 

Basis7 Up Sprite 
Brand 7 Up is a product of the Pepsi Cola company. Sprite is a drink from the brand Coca-Cola. 
Market Introduction  It was introduced in 1929. It was introduced in 1960. 
Origin 7 Up originated in Germany. Sprite originated in the United States. 
Ingredients  7 Up ingredients include: Natural Flavors  Potassium Citrate  Potassium Benzoate  Filtered Carbonated Water Sucralose Calcium Disodium Sprite ingredients are: Flavors Carbonated Water Citric Acid High Fructose Corn Syrup  Sodium Citrate Sodium Benzoate  
Salt in Production  7 Up uses potassium salt in production. Sprite uses sodium salt in production. 
Fizz It carries more fizz. It carries less fizz.
Taste It has a comparatively bitter taste. It has a sweeter taste. 
AdditivesIt contains 100% natural preservatives. It carries more artificial preservatives. 
Sprite vs. 7up sugar contentIt carries 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 grams.It carries 9 grams of sugar per 100 grams.
Calories per 500mlIt contains 87 calories. It contains 140 calories. 
Dominance in region Its dominance lies in Asian areas. It has dominance in Europe, Africa, and America.  

What is Sierra mist vs. Sprite?  

While 7 Up and Sprite have already been in arguments, the attack on Sprite by PepsiCo company comes with a not so bitter taste in the form of Sierra mist. It is a natural soft drink with lemon and lime flavors. Sierra mist is promoted in a smart manner. It is said that if you don’t want to harm your body with sodium carbonates, you should choose Sierra mist. However, this is a strategy used by PepsiCo for managing market shares on lime drinks. But Sprite still holds the same market control and is popular among people around the world. 

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What’s the key difference between Sprite and 7up?

7 Up is the first-produced soda drink based on the lemon-lime formula, whereas Sprite is a competitor product of 7 Up with more artificial preservatives.  

Why is 7 Up called 7 Up?

7 Up is called 7 Up due to a number of reasons. However, the exact reason is still a mystery. It is a mixture of the theories listed below: 

  • 7 UP is a soda drink produced with seven ingredients: 
  1. Carbonated Water 
  2. Sugar 
  3. Citric Acid 
  4. Sodium Citrate  
  5. The essence of lemon oils  
  6. The essence of lime oils 
  7. Lithium Citrate  
  • The inventor of the drink, Grigg, thought of this name while rooting for sevens during the game of Craps. 
  • The pH level of 7Up was believed to be over seven though it isn’t.  
  • This soda was firstly sold in a 7-ounce bottle. 
  • 7up is coded in reference to lithium. This has an atomic mass of around 7. 
  • Up is meant to lift up one’s mood.
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Is Sprite or 7 Up better for an upset stomach?

Sprite and 7 Up both are non-caffeinated soda drinks. Sprite is fizzier and may provide instant relief to your upset stomach. At the same time, 7 Up being made of essential electrolytes can also provide relief to an upset stomach. The relief provided by both of these drinks will be temporary, though. 

Can you still buy 7 Up?

7 Up is the oldest lemon-lime soda brand. With stiff competition, 7 Up is losing its hold over the global soft drink market. However, you can still buy 7 Up in some regions. 

What is the red dot on 7 Up?

The red dot on 7 Up is red-eye. 

Is Sprite good for vomiting?

If you vomit, you may try some clear, non-caffeinated sodas. In some cases, Sprite may be a useful option for you. 

What does 7 Up taste like?

7 Up has a tangy flavor. It tastes a little bitter. 

Who invented 7 Up?

Charles Leiper Grigg, the inventor of St. Louis-based company, The Howdy Corporation, invented 7 Up as a lemon-lime soft drink soda. 7 Up was originally named “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. 

Is it bad to drink Sprite while being sick?

It depends, it isn’t always bad to drink sprite during sickness. Sprite has a rehydrating formula. It may help in recovering from sickness in certain cases. Also, it may be an alternative source of vitamins, sugars, and fluid.

Is 7 Up or Sprite better?

The salts and preservatives added to both drinks are different. The basic difference between 7 Up and Sprite is that the former uses potassium-salt formula while the latter uses sodium-salt formula. If you want a stronger drink, choose Sprite but if you want more of a natural taste, you shall choose 7 Up. 

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7 Up vs. Sprite: Let's find out the differences, similarities, ingredients, Pros & Cons, and finally, which is better?

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