Cucumber vs. Zucchini: What is the Difference Between Cucumber and Zucchini?

Many people are often asked - Which is better? Cucumber or Zucchini? To help you decide, let's take a closer look at the difference between cucumber and zucchini.
Cucumber vs Zucchini: 8 Differences, Examples, Pros & Cons

Both cucumber and zucchini are healthy eating options and have some similar properties but they have many different attributes as well. The biggest cucumber vs. zucchini difference lies in their appearance with cucumbers being hard and waxy and zucchini having a grainy appearance. Also, cucumbers are cool to touch whereas zucchinis are warm to touch.

Let’s take a closer look at zucchini vs. cucumber:

ClassificationCucumber is a fruit while zucchini is a vegetable
AppearanceCucumbers appear waxy and shiny while zucchinis appear grainy
TouchCucumbers are cool to touch while zucchinis are warm to touch
FamilyCucumbers belong to the gourd family while zucchinis belong to the Cucurbita family

What is a Cucumber?

Cucumber is a long and green fruit with hard and shiny skin.

What is a Cucumber?

What is a Zucchini?

Zucchini is a long and green vegetable with a grainy appearance and woody stems on one end of it.

What is a Zucchini?

Cucumber vs. Zucchini Pros and Cons

Cucumbers Pros and Cons

Pros of Cucumbers

  • It is a great option for a healthy and guilt-free snack.
  • It keeps the body cool with its high water content.
  • It has plenty of nutrients and antioxidants.
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Cons of Cucumbers

  • Its high water content makes you feel bloated for too long.
  • Snacking on it at night would make your bladder full which, in turn, interrupts your sound sleep.
Cucumbers Pros and Cons

Zucchini Pros and Cons

Pros of Zucchini

  • Loaded with protein, fiber, Vitamin A, K, B6, & C, and other trace minerals, it offers great health benefits.
  • With a plethora of nutrients, zucchini promotes heart health, boosts immunity, maintains blood sugar levels, supports bone health, improves blood circulation, maintains gut health, to name a few.

Cons of Zucchini

  • The cucurbitacin in zucchini is known to cause indigestion to people with sensitive stomachs.
  • The cellulose in zucchini, which lends it stiffness, is harder to break down by the human body and can cause discomfort and pain.
Zucchini Pros and Cons

Cucumber and Zucchini Examples

Examples of Cucumber

  • Fanfare
  • Bush champion
  • Ashley
  • Sweet slice
  • Muncher
  • Sugar crunch
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Examples of  Zucchini

  • Black beauty
  • Cocozelle
  • Gourmet gold
  • Round zucchini
  • Dunja zucchini

Considering the Similarities Between a Cucumber and a Zucchini

  • Both cucumber and zucchini are dark-green cylindrical vegetables.
  • Both have high water content.
  • Both have seedy flesh when cut open.  
  • Both are around 95% water and have the same amount of calories.

8 Key Points of Difference Between Cucumbers and Zucchini That You Need To Know

Basis Cucumber Zucchini
AppearanceCucumbers are long and green but have shiny skin.Zucchini is long and green too but with woody stems on one end of it.
TextureCucumbers are hard and waxy.Zucchini is grainy.
TouchCucumbers are thick and cool to the touch.Zucchini is dry and warm when touched.
TasteCucumber is juicy, crunchy, and slightly sweet.Zucchini is meatier and a little bitter. 
FamilyCucumbers belong to the gourd family.Zucchini belongs to the Cucurbita family.
ClassificationCucumber is classified as a fruit.Zucchini is classified as a vegetable.
FlowersCucumber flowers are not edible.The flowers of zucchini are eaten as a delicacy.
PlantThe cucumber plant is a creeping vine.The zucchini plant is not a creeper.

Comparing Zucchini with Squash for further clarity

Let us understand the squash vs. zucchini difference for a better understanding of zucchini here:

  • Talking about zucchini vs. green squash, they are the same and zucchini can be called a green squash.
  • Considering squash vs. zucchini, zucchini is a squash type with squash being a wider term.
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Comparison Chart

Many people are often asked - Which is better? Cucumber or Zucchini? To help you decide, let's take a closer look at the difference between cucumber and zucchini.

Comparison Video

Cucumber vs Zucchini: What Are The Differences?

Cucumber and Zucchini FAQs

Can you Substitute a Cucumber for a Zucchini?

Cucumber can be substituted for a zucchini only in salads and stir-fries. For the recipes where cooked zucchini is used, cucumber isn’t a great option for it loses its delicious crunch. 

What is the Difference in Taste between Cucumber and Zucchini?

The major zucchini vs. cucumber taste difference is that where the former is wholesome and slightly bitter, the latter is juicier and crunchy.

Which is Healthier, Cucumber or Zucchini?

When choosing between zucchini or cucumber, zucchini is healthier with more vitamin B and C, potassium, iron, fiber, and protein. So zucchini is a winner when we consider zucchini vs. cucumber nutrition.

What is an Alternative to Zucchini?

The best alternative to zucchini would be those that have a similar texture and taste. The foods that match the criteria are squash, eggplant, pumpkin, and cucumber. (Ref. 1) 

Can You Put Zucchini on Your Eyes Instead of Cucumber?

Yes, zucchini also calms eyes owing to its high water content. It also reduces the puffiness around the eyes, just like cucumber.

Are Pickles Cucumbers or Zucchini?

Pickles are made from cucumbers fermented in vinegar and brine.

Can I Eat Raw Zucchini?

Yes. Contrary to the popular belief that raw zucchini is poisonous, it is safe to eat it in a practical sense. In rarer cases, one may encounter bitter zucchini but it’s unlikely to harm you. (Ref. 2)

What Vegetable is Similar to Cucumber?

The dark-green variety of zucchini is closest to cucumber.

How Do You Eat A Zucchini?

The best way to eat zucchini is in its raw form without peeling off the skin since cooking and peeling mean lesser Vitamin C and other nutrients. Sprinkle it raw on salads, soups, sandwiches, or stews.

Is a Cucumber a Gourd?

Yes, cucumber is a member of the gourd family.


The difference between cucumbers and zucchini can be seen in their appearances with the former having a shiny and waxy appearance and the latter having a grainy one. They differ in taste as well with zucchini being wholesome, meatier, and slightly bitter while cucumber is juicier, crunchier, and slightly sweet. Also, the two plants have extremely different genetic structures that you won’t find any zucchini cucumber hybrid. Another big difference between cucumbers and zucchinis lies in their classification. A cucumber is classified as a fruit while zucchini is classified as a vegetable. Also, these plants belong to two different families.


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