Row vs. Column: What's The Difference Between Row and Column?

The best solution for setting up a group of facts and figures is a table. And a table is made up of columns and rows. The terms are standard in arranging data. Row vs. Column:  the difference can be highlighted as rows are doing the task horizontally, and columns arrange it vertically.

Understanding the definition of row vs. column

What is Row?

An organized, horizontal framework of anything such as data, objects, or things that runs left to right, is a row.

What is Column?

A vertically organized pattern of data, things, objects, or anything else that runs from upwards to downwards is a column.

Listing the Pros and Cons of Row and Column

Pros of Rows and ColumnsCons of Rows and Columns
Rows and Columns provide proper management of the data.Rows and columns in a worksheet have limited use, as they are not useful to write paragraphs content.  
Rows and Columns are the base of a worksheet in Excel. 
Google spreadsheet is based on rows and columns.   
Excel rows and columns allow you to add mathematical formulas quickly. 

Similarities between freeze row and column excel 

In Excel, a feature called freeze row and freeze column allows freezing a particular data while scrolling through others. You can freeze a set of rows and columns at the same time.

  • Row and column are equally essential parts of a table.
  • A combination of column and row makes a cell.  

Considering Row and column difference at a glance

Basic DifferenceRows are the part of a table in which objects are arranged alongside.  Columns are the part of a table in which objects are positioned vertically.  
Sequence of CellsCells are arranged from left to right.Cells are arranged from top to bottom.
IllationThe sum of a row is shown at the extreme right.The sum of a column is shown at the bottom.  
CaptionA stub, on the extreme left.A caption, on the extreme top.
Row vs column databaseThe database is known as Records.It is known as Fields.
Matrix Recognition  Horizontal arrays are reckoned as Rows in a Matrix.Vertical arrays are reckoned as Columns in a Matrix.
Headings TypeThey are generally in Numbers.They are generally in Alphabets.
Row vs. column in excelIn Excel, the first row is row  1.In Excel, the first column is Column A.
Limitations  Microsoft Excel Rows can be created up to 1,048,576.Microsoft Excel Columns can be created up to 16,384.

What are a row and a column?

A row and a column form a tabular model of arranging a set of facts and figures. Where row is the horizontal straight line, a column is a vertical arrangement.

Is a vector a column or row?

Column vectors and row vectors are two different kinds of matrices. If a vector is drawn in a horizontal pattern, it's a row vector; and if the vector is drawn in a vertical form, it's a column vector.

How do you identify rows and columns?

Identifying rows and columns for a beginner can be a bit confusing but after learning the difference between row and column, it can be the easiest thing for him. A row is the set of cells from left to right, whereas a column is the set of cells from top to bottom.  

How many rows and columns are there in MS Excel?

Row vs. column excel availability is:

  • Rows - 1,048,576
  • Columns - 16,384

What are Row, column, and cell?


A row is that part of a table that runs left to right combining cells.


A column is a top to bottom arrangement of cells.


The part of a table where a column and row intersects each other and creates a box-like pattern is called a cell. A cell is recognized by the heading of column and row.  

What is the difference between cell and row?

A cell is a part of a row that is combined with a column. And a row is the straight chain-like arrangement of cells positioned horizontally.  

How do I format rows and columns in Excel?

To format Rows in Excel, follow these steps:

  1. Select the row or set of rows that you want to format.
  2. Click on Format, on the cell ground, in the Home tab.
  3. Under cell size, click on row height.
  4. Type the desired value, in the Row height box.
  5. Click okay.  

For Quick setup, right-click on the selected row, click row height, type the value, and click OK.

To format Columns in Excel, follow these steps::

  1. Select the Column or set of Columns that you want to format.
  2. Click on Format, on the cell ground, in the Home tab.
  3. Under cell size, click on Column Width.
  4. In the Column Width box, type the desired value.  
  5. Click okay.  

For Quick setup, right-click on the selected column, click Column Width, type the value, and click OK.  

How do I transpose columns to rows in Excel?

To transpose columns to rows in Excel, the best solution is Paste Special Menu.

  • Select and copy your data column, and click on a new location in your sheet.
  • Now, go to Edit | Paste Special.
  • Select the Transpose checkbox, and click OK.

Your column will transpose to row.

How do I switch rows and columns in Google Sheets?

You can switch rows and columns in Google Sheets by following the steps:

  • Select the rows you want to switch.
  • Right-click and select Copy.
  • Select the cell in which you want to switch the data.
  • Click-Right and Click on Paste Special, and then Paste Transposed.
  • You'll see now, the data has been switched.  
  • Delete the previous or additional data and format the rows and columns according to the data size.

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Row vs. Column: we will discover their differences, similarities, pros & cons, and answer some row and column frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Summarizing the difference between Excel row vs. column 

The confusion of row versus column can be cleared with a little practice and mindfulness. In a set of data, the horizontal arrangements are known as rows. Contrary to this, vertical arrangements are known as columns. Follow this simple differentiation while creating a table next time.


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