What Is The Difference Between Royal Blue And Navy Blue?

Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue: Let’s find out their differences, similarities, pros & cons, color matching, and finally witсh color goes best with
Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue: Differences, Color Matching, Similarities

Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue: Blue is a color dedicated to the ocean and the sky. And it has many other shades. Navy blue and Royal blue happens to confuse many. The essential difference between the two lies in their shade, with Navy blue being the darker one and Royal blue being the brighter one.

HEX Codes#4169E1 vs #000080
Base ColorBlue
AppearanceBrighter vs Darker
Color MatchPink, White, Red, Black, Grey

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Defining Royal and Navy Blue

What is Royal Blue?

Royal Blue color is a bright blue shade that is a symbol of royalty.

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What is Navy Blue?

Navy Blue color is a dark and black-looking shade of the color blue.  

Looking at the Pros and Cons Royal and Navy Blue

Pros of Royal Blue

  • Being a versatile color, it can match with most of the bright colors.
  • The color has a soothing effect.  
  • It adds a royal feel.
  • It is great for wearing at a party or a club.

Cons of Royal Blue

  • It is often confused with navy blue.
  • It is less popular around the world.

Pros of Navy Blue

  • It’s an official color.  
  • It is always in the trend.
  • It is used in many uniforms.
  • Navy blue is a popular color worldwide.  

Cons of Navy Blue

  • It is often confused with black.
  • It is too dark.

Similarities Between Navy vs. Royal Blue

  • Royal blue vs. navy blue, both are the top-shades of blue.
  • Both of the shades symbolizes confidence.  
  • Navy vs. royal blue, both of them are associated with elegance.  
  • These days, both colors are a popular choice for weddings.  
  • Navy blue vs. royal blue suits are popular in trend.
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Understanding the Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue Difference

BasisRoyal Blue  Navy Blue  
DescriptionRoyal blue is a lightened shade of the color blue.Navy blue is the darkest of blue.  
HistoryIt was produced between 1810-1820 for a competition of making a dress for Queen Charlotte.  In 1748, British officers wore uniforms of the color navy blue.
VersionsIt has Queen Blue and Imperial Blue versions.Navy blue is the only version of itself.  
IntensityIt features a high intensity. It features a low intensity.
Color CodeThe hex code for royal blue is #4169E1.For navy blue is #000080.  
SymbolizesIt is a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, and superiority.It is a symbol of stability, unity, and confidence.
Association It is associated with reliability and trustworthiness.It is associated with duty and authority.
Most Common UseIt is used in celebrations and parties.It is used in uniforms, bedsheets, and pillows.

What are the other shades of blue that people often get confused with royal blue?

Royal Blue vs. Blue

Royal blue being the brightest shade of blue, is close to the original shade of the blue. People often think that blue is the only royal blue. However, blue is a different shade and less bright than royal blue. The hex code of blue is #0000FF. In comparison with royal blue, blue is a bit dark and more recognized internationally.

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Regal Blue vs. Royal Blue

Regal blue is the color with grayish blue shade. It is more like navy blue than royal blue. The hex code of regal blue is #23A68. The regal color blue is a lighter version of navy blue; it is grayish and darker than royal blue.  

Electric Blue vs. Royal Blue

Electric blue is completely different from royal blue. It’s a light shade of blue and more similar to aqua or cyan blue. Electric blue varies in intensity. The color is darker than pastel blue and baby blue but lighter than royal blue, regal blue, or cobalt blue. The hex code of electric blue is #7DF9FF.

French Blue vs. Royal blue

French blue is considered a strong blue color. It is neither dark nor bright. The color has its unique texture. It can be confused with the original shade of blue. The hex code of french blue is #0072bb.  

What Is The Difference Between Navy and Royal Blue?

Royal blue and navy blue differences lie in their brightness. While royal blue is one of the light shades of blue, navy blue is the darkest blue. Navy blue often looks like black.

Do Royal And Navy Blue Match?

Both royal blue and navy blue are similar in hue. They have differences in their shades and brightness.

What color is between royal and navy blue?

Cobalt Blue is the color between royal blue and navy blue.

What color matches with navy blue?

Navy blue is a beautiful color and appears as black. It matches with several colors. You can make an ideal combination of navy blue with:

  • Other light shades of blue.
  • Burgundy
  • Pink
  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Grey

What two colors make royal blue?

Red and yellow are the colors that make royal blue.

What color goes best with blue?

Blue is a cool color and varies in its shades.

Here are some ideal combinations of blue:

  • Blue & white.
  • Blue, taupe, & brown.
  • Blue & blush.
  • Blue with black.
  • Blue, yellow, and gray.
  • Dark blue with hot pink.
  • Blue and orange.  
  • Light blue with green and red.
  • Sand and sea blue.

Does gray go with navy blue?

Any sort of light color goes with navy blue as a good choice. Light grey can be a perfect match for navy blue.

What is a good color accent for navy blue?

As navy blue is the darkest shade of blue, white proves to be a good accent color for navy blue.

Does royal blue go with grey?

The royal blue matches thoroughly with the neutral colors like Grey when it comes to the combination.

What are the nail colors that go well with navy blue?  

A matte finish gray nail color will look ravishing with a navy blue dress. Alternatively, red, bronze, brown, and greenish colors will also make a perfect deal.

Choosing between royal and navy blue

Both the colors have their unique elegance and add a charm to your personality. Combining them with a perfect match will give you a look you desire. A royal blue vs. navy blue dress will be perfect for a party. At the same time, the navy shade complements a formal occasion exceptionally well.

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Royal Blue vs. Navy Blue: Let’s find out their differences, similarities, pros & cons, color matching, and finally witсh color goes best with

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Navy & Royal Blue Lookbook
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