9 mm

If we look at 9 mm meaning: it is one the most famous and widely used handgun used in the military and submachine guns. It is also known as 6 mm NATO, 9 mm Luger, and 9×19 mm parabellum. 9 mm is one of the most common weapons that can be found these days. The best things about this are that it is very cheap to buy, does not require shooting skills, uses ordinary ammunition and can be used well with very little power. It has a small idling swing and three-point illuminated front and rear steel sights, which can increase low-light combat. It can also be upgraded to a longer magazine and longer scope to increase its performance. 9 mm is also on the list of an advanced bulletproof gun as it can be hidden with the stealth skill of more than 50. The 9 mm cartridge was the first design to possess a stopping power of up to 50 meters, but it is still effective at longer distances. It has a moderate recoil which is combined with a flat trajectory.

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