React vs. Angular: What Is The Difference Between React and Angular?

React is a JavaScript framework that gives you the freedom to choose your library while developing code. Angular is a complete Model View Controller (MVC) framework offering strong opinions about the structuring of your application. Angular provides much more functionality but takes away flexibility from your creative job of developing web apps.

React vs. Angular JS Definition

What is React?

React is a JavaScript framework that allows you to create User Interface Elements.

What is Angular?

Angular is a Typescript based framework that allows you to develop website applications.

Listing React vs. Angular Pros and Cons

Pros of React

  • It is easy to learn due to the simplicity offered.
  • The widely used language, JavaScript, is used for developing apps.
  • Components can be reused to develop another application using the same functionality.
  • One-way data flow allows smooth operation of components. 
  • The design created in React can help you create a mobile app in React Native as well.
  • The use of the Virtual Document Object Model (DOM) makes the framework fast.

Cons of React

  • There are constant updates to React, making it compulsory for developers to learn the updates.
  • It is time-consuming to choose the right tools for app development from the third-party libraries.

Pros of Angular

  • As a full-fledged MVC framework, it guides you on the structure of your application throughout.
  • It offers two-way data binding for instantly displaying updates.
  • The availability of in-built tools helps to save your time.
  • It offers a cleaner coding environment.

Cons of Angular

  • The set of in-built tools takes away flexibility in creating an application.
  • It involves a lot of learning for the utilization of its full potential.


Is Angular Better Than React?

Both Angular and React have their set of benefits. Which framework is better for you depends entirely on your requirements. Say, one has to choose React vs. Angular 5 or React vs. Angular 6, the deciding factor would be the flexibility proposed for the current project. For a large scale feature-rich app, choose Angular, whereas a highly customized app solution can be built better with React.

Is React Faster Than Angular?

Yes, React works faster than Angular as it uses virtual DOM to look at the updates made to the HTML code. Angular, on the other hand, uses regular DOM, impacting its performance negatively. In React vs. Angular performance fight, React is a clear winner.

How Does React vs. Angular Development Speed Compare?

React uses third-party libraries for developing web apps, whereas Angular offers in-built tools to solve comprehensive problems swiftly. It takes time to determine the right architecture and tools while working with ReactJS. Therefore, in React vs. AngularJS development speed comparison, Angular outshines React.

Why Is React So Popular?

React is popular due to its ease of use and provision of automatic modification when updating UIs. One way data flow allows smooth operation of different components, making React a powerful tool. To top it all, Programmers can develop UIs that are SEO friendly with this framework.

Does Google Use Angular?

Yes, Google uses Angular for developing and running many of its applications, including Google Cloud Blog, YouTube TV, Google Developers Experts, and many more.

Is Angular Dying because of React?

No, Angular is not dying at all. Many big names in the industry like Paypal are utilizing the power of Angular for their businesses. It is going to stay for the benefits it offers.

Which is Popular React or Angular?

React beats Angular in terms of popularity due to its ease of use. Consider the results of a survey conducted by StackOverflow about the popularity of several Web Frameworks:

Most famous web frameworks
React vs. Angular popularity as per a survey conducted by StackOverflow
Image courtesy: StackOverflow

Is React JS Frontend or Backend?

It is a front-end library just like jQuery and runs in the browser itself.

Is Angular Harder Than React?

Yes, Angular is harder to learn than React because the latter keeps you closer to writing HTML codes and JavaScript. The learning curve in Angular is steeper.

How Long Will It Take To Learn React?

If you are well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can learn React in less than a week. However, if you are new to the world of web development, you will have to learn to create basic web pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript first. It can take a few months to attain proficiency in React, depending on your dedication to learning.

How Does React vs. Angular Market Share Compare?

Let us determine whether React or Angular JS has a higher market share.

React vs. Angular usage statistics according to SimilarTech:

BasisReact JSAngular JS
Websites1,085,447 +504,890 +

Results from Google Trends:

What is the availability of React vs. Angular jobs?

A quick search over online job portals will give you an idea of the availability of jobs for both these app development frameworks. You will find that React developers have more job opportunities than Angular developers due to easy understanding and greater flexibility offered by the platform.

What Are The Similarities Between React And Angular?

PortabilityIt is possible with React Native.It is possible with NativeScript.
App sizeIt is possible to develop small apps.It is possible to develop small apps.
UI renderingUI rendering is on the server/client-side.UI rendering is on the client-side and can be changed to the server-side with Angular Universal.
PriceIt is free as it is open-source.It is free as it is open-source.
CommunityIt is backed by a large community.It is backed by a large community.
AdoptionMany big firms have adopted it, including Dropbox, Netflix, New York Times, and more.Many big firms have adopted it, including Paypal, Upwork, and more.

What Are The Differences Between React And Angular?

LanguageIt uses JavaScript + JSX.It uses JavaScript + HTML + TypeScript.
DeveloperIt has been developed by Facebook.It has been developed by Google.
Data-bindingData-binding is one-way.Data-binding is two-way.
DOMIt uses virtual DOM.It uses real DOM.
DependenciesIt doesn’t manage dependencies automatically.It manages dependencies automatically.
Learning CurveIt involves moderate learning.It involves steep learning.

Comparison Chart

React vs. Angular Comparison Chart: Difference, Similarities, Pros & Cons
React vs. Angular Comparison Chart

Comparison Video

React vs Angular in 2020

When To Use React vs. Angular?

To make optimum use of these frameworks, you need to determine your needs from the project in hand. If you are looking for higher productivity, a clean coding environment, and ready-to-use solutions, choose Angular. However, if you are aiming for a highly customized web application, utilize the flexibility offered by React.

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