What is the difference between Vue and React?

Vue vs. React: Let’s discuss the Key Differences between Vue and React, their Similarities, Pros & Cons, and which one you need to choose.
Vue vs. React: What’s The Difference?

The major Vue and React difference lies in their very nature. Vue is just a framework for creating UIs, whereas React is a JavaScript library that provides you with the necessary resources for the development of UIs. React is backed by Facebook, a tech-giant, while Vue is backed by an individual.

Defining Vue vs. React to understanding their difference

What is Vue?

Vue is an open-source framework for creating single-page applications and user interfaces.

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What is React?

React is a JavaScript library maintained by Facebook and developers’ community that helps in building user interfaces.

Discussing Vue vs. React Pros and Cons

Pros of Vue

  • It is easy to use, making it beginner-friendly.
  • It is incredibly flexible to work with.
  • It has a simple structure.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • It offers excellent integration facilities.

Cons of Vue

  • It is owned by an individual rather than a big company with a legacy.
  • It lacks resources for smooth operations.

Pros of React

  • It offers easy integration with other libraries.
  • It has the backing of Facebook and a large community of developers around the world.
  • It offers separation of presentation layers from the original data.
  • It can be used both for web and native applications.
  • It is very flexible and scalable.
  • It is easy to learn, as it involves the use of basic HTML skills.

Cons of React

  • A constantly changing platform creates problems.
  • It does not use pure HTML but mixes it with JavaScript.
  • React is programmer-oriented, and a beginner might face difficulties in working with it.

Listing the Similarities between Vue and React


Both Vue and React help in the creation of user interfaces.

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DOM manipulation

Vue and React both use Virtual DOM.


They carry a component-based structure.


They are both lightweight and work fast.


They have communities supporting them.

Vue vs. React performance comparison.

To analyze the Vue vs. React benchmark in performance, we need to look at their DOM manipulation. Since both Vue and React use Virtual DOM, their efficiency is excellent. They are fast and easy to scale.

Listing Vue vs. React Differences

Vue vs. React nature

Vue is a framework for working with, whereas React is a library.

Vue vs. React community

Vue has a comparatively smaller community than React.

Vue vs. React for SEO

React uses JSX for structuring its components. This helps in creating SEO-friendly pages better than Vue.

Vue vs. React styling

In terms of styling and templates, Vue follows a conservative approach, whereas React follows a liberal approach.

Vue vs. React GitHub

The repositories of Vue are saved more than that of React because of the framework’s simplicity.

Vue vs. React re-renders

You cannot prevent re-renders manually in Vue while they can be prevented manually to React.

Vue vs. React popularity

Vue is popular among front-end users for its simplicity. React, on the other hand, is popular among the programmers for its versatile nature and flexibility.

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Vue vs. React job opportunities.

Since Vue is newer and doesn’t have the backing of a big company, the job opportunities for the people acquiring related skills are limited. Skills related to React, however, are highly demanded.

Will Vue replace React?

React has maintained its popularity even in 2020, and it will take Vue much time to reach the status of Vue. So, it seems a distant dream that Vue will replace React ever despite its recent growing popularity.

Is React harder than Vue?

Yes, React is harder to learn than Vue. And the major contributing factor is its use of JSX (JavaScript Expressions) against Vue’s default HTML that is comparatively much easier.

Which is more popular, React or Vue?

As per the 2020 Google Trends, React is more popular than Vue. 

Is Vue the Future?

Vue is a straightforward and yet highly efficient javascript framework. More and more developers are turning towards it after realizing it is practically equal to React. Also, given it is open-source and progressive, it might be the future.

Which is faster, Vue, or React?

The speed of the framework depends significantly on its size. For a similar kind of features, Vue’s is always half the size of React. That makes it faster and more efficient, even when the internet speed is extremely slow. Hence, Vue seems to be the clear winner here. 

Is Vue worth learning?

Vue has recently gained popularity as it is easier to learn and offers the same performance speed as that of React’s. This makes Vue worth learning.

Comparing Vue vs. React in 2020 at a glance

NatureIt is an open-source framework.It is a library.
LaunchIt was launched in 2014.It was launched in 2013.
BackingIt is backed by an individual.It is backed by a technology giant, Facebook.
GitHub repositoriesIts repositories are saved more at GitHub.Its repositories are saved less at GitHub.
SEO-friendlyIt is average at creating SEO-friendly web pages.It is good at creating SEO-friendly web pages.
Job opportunitiesAcquiring its skills provide fewer job opportunities.Acquiring its skills provide more job opportunities.
DOMIt uses Virtual DOM.It uses Virtual DOM.
CommunityIt has small community support.It has significant community support from many individual developers.
Templates and stylingIt follows a conservative approach.It follows a liberal approach.
PopularityIt is popular among beginners.It is popular among app developers and programmers.
Re-rendersThey cannot be prevented manually.They can be prevented manually.
SimplicityIt is simple.It is a little complicated.
AdoptionIt has been adopted by Adobe, Grammarly, Reuters, Nintendo, Gitlab, etc.It has been adopted by Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

Comparison Chart

Vue vs. React: Let’s discuss the Key Differences between Vue and React, their Similarities, Pros & Cons, and which one you need to choose.

Comparison Video

Angular vs React vs Vue [2020 Update]

Is Vue better than React?

Both Vue and React are perfect in their frameworks. Where Vue is great for a beginner owing to its ease of use, React would suit the more advanced developers better due to its complexities. But the final performance and efficiency of both have been termed as excellent by one and all.

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