Lime vs. Lemon: What is the difference between Lime and Lemon?

Lime vs. Lemon: Let’s discuss their differences, similarities, pros and cons, define which is healthier, and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Lime vs. Lemon: Differences, Pros & Cons, Health

Lime vs. Lemon: Most people believe that lime and lemon are the same but reality begs to differ. Both lime and lemon are two different citrus fruits containing rich health benefits. The truth is, not only there are differences between lime and lemon’s nature but there is a difference between lime and key lime too.

Discussing the definitions of Lime vs. Lemon

What is Lime?

Lime is a type of citrus fruit and an excellent source of antioxidants. 

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What is Lemon?

The ruling source of vitamin C, lemon is a citrus fruit with a pale yellow thick skin. 

Difference between lime and lemon fruit: Pros and Cons 

Pros of Lemon 

  • Lemon lets you stay hydrated. 
  • Consuming lemon prevents cancer risk. 
  • It helps boost the immune system. 
  • Lemon fights with allergens. 
  • Having hot water with lemon helps reduce weight. 
  • The citric acid in lemon prevents kidney stones. 
  • Soluble fiber contained in lemon improves the digestive system. 

Cons of Lemon 

  • Consuming lemon extensively can develop GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). 
  • Lemon extracts can damage teeth by eroding the tooth enamel. 
  • Combining sugar with lemon water can result in cavities. 
  • Some people may be allergic to the acidic citrus in lemon. 

Pros of Lime

  • Lime is an extensive source of antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and vitamin A, B, C, & D. 
  • The flavonoids and vitamin C in lime strengthen collagen and rejuvenate the skin. 
  • Lemongrass and lime cooler is a soothing, refreshing drink. 
  • Lime water can directly be used as a cure for acidity and constipation. 
  • It prevents cold and flu infections. 
  • It is helpful to people with frequent sugar spikes. The low glycemic index of lime regulates the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream. 
  • Lime can reduce uric acid. 
  • Joint pain, stiffness, arthritis, and other joint problems that are caused by inflammation can be obliterated by lime. 
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Cons of Lime

  • Limes are slightly bitter. 
  • Limes are smaller than lemon and are required more in quantity.  
  • Lime has half of the vitamin C than lemon has. 
  • Excess consumption of lime water may kill the male sperm cells. 

Considering the similarities between Lime and Lemon 

  • Lime and lemon both are citrus fruits with high quantities of vitamin C and antioxidants.  
  • In the argument of lemon vs. lime for weight loss, both ingredients work in the same manner.
  • Both are the same in nutritional makeup and contain the same health benefits. 
  • Lime and lemon benefits are adequate for all age groups of people. 

Top 9 differences between Lime and Lemon

Formal Name It is called Citrus aurantifolia. It is called Citrus 
Size Limes are smaller in size and usually 1-2 inches in diameter. Lemon is usually 2-4 inches in diameter.  
Color The color of lime is bright green with its thin pebbly skin.It is found in pale yellow colored thick skin. 
Appearance Limes appear round in shape.Lemons are oval-shaped. 
FlavorWhile both of them are sour, limes are a bit bitter. Lemons are slightly sweet in flavor, along with being sour. 
Vitamin CThis is the major nutritional difference between lime and lemon that the amount of vitamin C is 29.1mg per 100g in lime.It is 53mg per 100g in lemon. 
Culinary Uses Limes are normally used in savory dishes. Lemons are used in both sweet dishes as well as savory dishes.
Frequency  Lime does not feature frequent uses.Lemon is used quite regularly. 
Ph level Lime juice contains a pH level between 2.00 and 2.35. Lemon juice has pH levels between 2.00 and 2.60. 

What is Lime and lemon Durham? 

An Indian grill restaurant in Durham dedicated to North-Indian and South-Indian cuisines containing flavors of lime and lemon is Lime and lemon Durham. 

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What is the difference between a lemon and a lime? 

Lime and lemon differences can be seen in their physical appearances. Limes are bright green-colored and round-shaped, whereas lemons have a yellow color and oval shape. 

Are lime and lemon the same?

Lime and lemons are not the same, but two different citrus fruits. However, both lime and lemon contain a similar amount of healthy nutrients, including vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and antioxidants.  

Why are limes better than lemons? 

Limes are better as they have half of the acidic flavor that causes digestive problems in people with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) than lemons.

Is lime water as healthy as lemon water?

Comparing lime and lemon water reveals that there is more vitamin C in lemon water and higher calcium and vitamin A in lime water. Both are effectively healthy in eliminating toxins from the body. 

Is nimbu a lime or lemon?

The word Nimbu in India is used for both lime and lemon. For clearing a bit of confusion, lime is called ‘Raw/kaccha Nimbu’ whereas lemon is addressed as ‘Nimbu’. 

Is drinking water with lime good for you?

Drinking lime water can result in rejuvenated skin, improved digestion, reduced heart-disease, prevention of cancer, and suppressed infections. 

Does lime burn fat in the tummy?

The citric acids in lime boost metabolism that helps in burning calories. Lime helps in burning fat when you follow a regular exercise routine. 

Is it safe to drink lemon water daily?

Drinking lemon water daily will keep you hydrated and healthier. It can be the first thing to drink when you wake up. It works great and safe. 

However, for people suffering from gastric stress or acid reflux, drinking lemon water is not advisable. 

Which is healthier lime or lemon? 

While comparing lemon vs. lime vitamin C, it is found that lemon contains 53 mg vitamin C per 100g while lime contains 29.1mg vitamin C per 100g. With more vitamin C and other nutrients, lemon is healthier than lime. 

Is drinking lemon water before bed good? 

Drinking lemon water before bed is beneficial as the vital vitamins and minerals can detox the body overnight. 

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Lime vs. Lemon: Let’s discuss their differences, similarities, pros and cons, define which is healthier, and answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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What is difference between lemon and Lime

Final Thought 

Both lime and lemons have different properties, flavors, and applications. Though, rarely can a person tell the difference by looking at lime and lemon tree, which one is lime and which one is lemon. With all the healing powers, both are miraculously nutritious and, therefore, can be used differently for their tastes.

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